Prepping Your Child for College

Is your child ready for college? Whether they are heading off this year, or even if you have a few years to go, there are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you have prepared your child for this big step.

Stacy Hughes, with Neumont University, shares some ways to check on your child’s preparation.

1. Does your student have independent study habits, or do you always need to remind them to do their homework? Now is the time to work with them to transition to an independent study plan – college courses like those we teach at Neumont typically require 2 hours of homework per night, per hour spent in class.

2. Does your student know how to take notes, and type at a reasonable speed? Beefing up their typing skills could make college much easier check out sites like to find out your typing speed

3. Does your student know how to make five basic meals – spaghetti, grilled ham and cheese, tacos – things that can be made at a low cost, and support a balanced diet

4. Have you talked with your student about budgeting, do they know how much to be spending each week, and how to anticipate unexpected expenses like car repairs, doctor’s visits, or a hike in the utility bills?

5. Does your student have a career goal? Heading off to college with no plan in mind can result in a student taking courses they don’t need for graduation, or extra years to graduate. Help your student focus on the end result, and develop a plan for getting there – remind them what an important investment in time and money college is.

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