Preserving Family Recipes through Family History Cookbook

Studio 5 contributor Courtney Orton tells us about a Utah woman’s quest to preserve her history with a cookbook.

Nancy Miles loves to cook. Over the years, she’s collected hundreds if not thousands of recipes. “I decided I wanted to put a book together of my favorite, so that maybe I could get rid of the hundred, two hundred cookbooks I have, explains Miles.

As she started compiling her favorites, she realized she was missing some of the most important ones, her mother’s. “She was a wonderful cook,” says Miles, “and I wasn’t smart enough to get her recipes before she passed away.

Hoping others don’t make the same mistake, Miles made her cookbook In Good Taste more than just a cookbook. It allows you to create your very own cookbook by downloading templates and filling in the blanks. One for the recipe, one for a picture, and one for a quick description of where you got it or when you first had it.

“This basically becomes a history book, a photo album, and a recipe,” says Miles.

Miles invited me to her South Jordan home to show me how it works. “I would have given anything, anything to have had a book like this. I would have fought for a book like this,” she explains.

In Good Taste is already getting great reviews. One of the best came from New York Times bestselling author, Richard Paul Evans. She was acquainted with him while she was in the early stages of writing her cookbook. “I made up a page with his mother who had passed away recently, and he became very emotional. She was such a great cook. They actually gave her favorite recipe for cookies at her funeral,” describes Miles. Evans was so touched he actually became the publisher of the book.

Miles says it’s a testament of what can happen when you preserve those treasured family recipes, “the potential of this book is really endless. It really and truly is.”

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