Print Your Own Edible Treats At Home

Designer Kristine McKay shares how.

I love to print off old vintage valentines onto edible frosting paper and use them on retangle shaped sugar cookies! You can also print off pictures of your loved ones and put them on cakes, cupcakes or cookies.

The frosting paper is available at item #KJFS0811 24; sheets for $28

The edible ink is available at You get a set for around $72. Refill sets are only $39. The ink is compatible with Canon and Epson printers. So I just purchased the most inexpensive printer I could find. It was around $80.

You need to use a separate printer because it is for food you can not switch it with regular ink.

Check out for a list of compatible printers.

Printing at home is fairly new because most people assume that it would be too expensive, but after the initial investment for around $200 you only have to buy refill ink and frosting sheets!

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