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Music producer, director, now children’s book author! Mauli Bonner stops by for a chat

The message of this new children’s book is everyone is a child of God.

As we all try to be more inclusive and diverse – in our lives, in teaching our children – there are a lot of resources out there that can help. Mauli Bonner and his wife Chantel recently co-wrote a book called “A Child of God.” One of Chantel’s favorite pages reads, “Even with a different name and skin a different shade, everyone’s a child of God. He loves us all the same.”

Mauli stopped in to Studio 5 to share the story behind the creation of this book. He shares a little bit about his family, and a behind-the-scenes story about a film he recently directed. He says that, even after working with some big names in the music business, his proudest point is being a dad.

Find Mauli and Chantel’s book, “A Child of God,” and Mauli’s new movie “His Name is Green Flake,” at

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