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Be productive on your phone! Here are 5 things you can do instead of mindlessly scrolling

Try being productive on your phone next time you have down time.

You’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or in line for school pick up, and it’s most likely a habit to mindlessly scroll on social media to kill time. What if you chose a more productive activity next time the phone comes out?

Amanda Hilton has a masters in clinical psychology. She shares micro-productive things to do on your phone.

Find more advice from Amanda on Instagram, @amandasimplywell. You can find her full list here.


5 Ways to Be Productive on Your Phone

Tiny shifts can create a bigger impact on our overall well-being. It all comes down to practical wellness. Many of us want to improve our lives – to feel happier and healthier – but we often end up attempting too much, too fast. This can lead to frustration and feeling stuck. Small changes in everyday moments can make a world of difference.

We’re all guilty of social media scrolling, even when it’s not all that enjoyable. These are alternatives that feel better and actually contribute to personal growth.

Create Personalized Keyboard Shortcuts

First up, ditch the scroll and dive into creating personalized keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts let you replace codes with words or phrases. You can have “i l y” turn into “I love You,” or get practical with shortcuts for your email or address.

Dive in to Your Local Library App

Instagram addicts, listen up! Amanda suggests opting for your local library app instead. Why? Libraries often have their own apps, or team up with platforms like Libby. You can borrow eBooks and audiobooks for free. So those “I want to read more” moments become “I’m diving into a book right now” reality.

Activate the Night Shift Feature

A 30-second tip: activate the night shift feature on your phone. It switches your display to a warmer color palette in the evening, reducing exposure to blue light. Blue light is a sleep disruptor, and this simple tweak can lead to better rest and a more productive day.

Declutter Your Camera Roll

Last but not least, declutter your photo stream. Delete duplicates and unneeded pics, but don’t stop there! Amanda suggests creating a joy album. Choose the photos that spark joy and create an album to boost your mood whenever you need it.

Let’s put down that mindless scroll and embrace micro-productivity!

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