protein powder

Boost your morning smoothie, boost your day! The protein powder moms swear by…

By Lauren Tippetts

Protein powder. For some it’s a life-long quest to find the perfect one. And some just settle for one that tastes like they just swallowed chalk dust. Well friends, the search is over. Health and lifestyle enthusiast Kristin Andrus says, “this is my go-to.”

SFH Pure Chocolate Protein Powder, $47.49

“I absolutely love it!” Kristin adds, “Anytime I make a protein shake for friends, they immediately order it and don’t look back.”

When looking for a protein powder, Kristin recommends checking for sugar, fat, and calories. This label passes that test: SFH Pure has only two grams of sugar, two grams of fat, and 130 calories.

“It is something I have every day,” she says. “It fills me up, and I don’t need a thing until lunch.”

Kristin recommends blending it up with some almond milk, banana, kale, and some other nutrient rich ingredients (find the full recipe here), and you’ve got the breakfast of champions!

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