Pump Up Your Pool Style

Don’t let a little water and heat stifle your style!

Fashion Blogger Shannon Abbott shares five ways women can pump up
your pool style.

As a mom, this time of year I’m itching to get the kids out of the house and
what better way to do that then swimming? Biut don’t let a little water and
heat stifle your style – yes, you can still look stylish at the pool!

If you are trying a style for the first time I would recommend going with a
lower-priced item. If you know it’s something you will use all the time I
always recommend investing in that particular item. I truly believe in
investing in clothing You will end up loving it more, so you will wear it
more and it will last longer. In some cases, you end up spending less per
wear on the more expense item. With that said, here are a few different
ways to take your pool style up a notch.


Hats are the perfect fashion accessory! They help keep the sun out for your
face, and cover-up the messy pool hair. If you’re not much of a hat person,
but want to try one I would go with the fedora. Fedoras look good on 95%
of people so it’s a safe step into hat land. Target has some reasonably
priced neutral options (which is key to keeping you looking classy!) If you
like hats and want to look a bit more fashion forward, I would recommend
the big floppy hats. For a well-made hat that will last for years, check out
the Panama Hat from J.Crew ($58). I love how classic this hat is!

Style Tip: Take a pictures of you wearing the hat, before you
it. That will give you an honest idea of what looks best.


Cover-ups are such an important part of your pool style! As a mom it’s
important to find ones that will look good at the pool, and on the street.
Most of us moms are so busy that after the pool we have a million other
errands to run. You don’t want to be caught wearing something see
through, or too short. I love the nautical trend, and feel a cute nautical
dress is perfect for a day at the pool (check out Ann Taylor for some great
summer dress options!) Tunic are a good option, as are maxi dresses.

Style Tip: If you have to stay at a low price point, don’t be
away from stores like J.Crew or Anthropologie. When they have sales, they
are amazing!


The beach bag is a must for any mom at the pool. This bag will be holding
snacks, sunscreen, water, and other baby stuff. You need a BIG bag to hold
it all. For a disposable option, check out stores like H&M or Target. If you
can afford an invenestment bag, look at the options from Tory Burch. That
line offers cute, classic bags that will provide exactly what you pay for –

Style Tip: If you’re going to invest in a bag look for
classic. You don’t want it to be out of style a year from now.


Sunglasses are the one thing I do not recommend investing in. They are
bound to get smashed, scratched or lost. Luckily more and more cheap
sunglasses are also polarized. Try Urban Outfitters or ASOS for a variety of
styles and designs . If you want to spend a bit more money I would
recommend the black cat-eye style from Kate Spade ($128).

Style Tip: I love to wear my sunnies in the water when I’m
swimming. If the kids are splashing, the water doesn’t get in my eyes.


It’s not just about flip flops anymore when you go to the pool! There are so
many cute sandals available these days and many of them hold up when
they get wet. This season, I’m loving the neon jelly sandals from Aldo. They
are only $13.00.

It’s all about the cuff sandal this season, and Target has some great
options. Look for metallic detail, to accomplish a more expensive look.

Finally, you can never go wrong with animal print. Sam Edelam makes an
animal print sandal I’m in love with. At $64.95 they are a perfect
investment. Adding a little animal print to your look always takes it up a

Style Tip: Always make sure your toenails are painted! It
completes the look!

Whatever you decide to wear, always remember your sunscreen! Also come
join me for a dose of style at http://stylewithshannon.com/

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