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Put on the swimsuit! 3 mantras to boost your pool confidence

Put on the swimsuit and get in the water with your kids.

Moms, grandmas, women everywhere… we have a summer pep talk coming your way.

Brittany Jepsen recently partnered with the swimsuit company Lime Ricki on a project that has her determined to convince us all to just put on a swimsuit.


Mantra #1: Just Wear the Suit

Brittan said she didn’t really go to the pool before she had kids. Now, she has a 6-year-old and a 3-year old, and someone has to be in the water with them. She realized she just needed to put on the suit. “They really just want to have a mom who’s playing with them. They don’t care,” Brittany emphasized.

Mantra #2: No One Else Really Cares

Brittany said no one is walking around the pool judging what you’re wearing. “We care so much more than anyone else,” she said. But, what if we cared in the opposite direction? ‘This is great! I can go have fun, I can go run, I can go swim, I can go get some sun,'” Brittany said.

Mantra #3: Life is Too Short to Wear Boring Suits

“You know when you’re like,’ okay, fine, I’ll go swim, but I need to find a black suit with some rouching and it has to have this so it can look smaller than I am,'” Brittany said.

“Wear the color. Wear something you love because if you’re not loving it, you’re going to feel like you’re trying to hide yourself… and that doesn’t feel good.”

Find Brittany on Instagram, @houselarsbuilt

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