PVC Garage Organizer

Home Coach Frantz Ostmann teaches us how we can use PVC pipes in our garage to organize clutter.

For this one we are hoping to combine the bike rack and the ball organizer into one great organizer.
Here are the two separated.

If you have been building any of the other PVC projects you are able to see what we have here in construction materials. You will need only the PVC cutters and a few minutes to put this Bike Rack together.

The Bike Rack above would take Approximately

(6) 90’s

(6) T’s

(5) 2′ pieces of PVC

(4) 1′ pieces of PVC

(2) 6″ Pieces of PVC

or about 15′ of PVC pipe total. I would use 1″ stuff for this rack.

The only trick on this one is making sure to save 4 small pieces of PVC (approx 3″) to connect the front outside 90’s to the T’s. See where the T and the 90 meet in the picture, they need a small piece to tie the two together.
So this is pretty easy to put together and is very useful.

Here is the Ball Rack:

As you are looking at some of these different PVC projects you are going to start noticing some specialized connectors. For example you are not going to find the 3-way or the 4-way connectors for the corners of the Ball Rack at your local hardware store. You will however find it here. http://pvcfittings.com/

And they look like this

Now they cost more, but will save you some time. However, the big thing for me is that when I get up the notion to build some of these projects, I want to be able to run and get parts and get it done that day. Most of these projects take less time to put together that it takes to run the hardware store and get parts. PVC fittings is really fast at sending the special connectors out, but usually by time I get them I have lost interest.

So I want you to know that you can bypass the 3-way, and the 4-way by using an 90 and an extra T just below the 90 to connect front and back. You just build the front and the back and then connect them with T’s. This is similar to the way we built the Storage Bin Organizer.

As you can see they are relatively easy to build by themselves. So we are going to step it up a notch with this next project and get creative.

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