Question of the Week: Beating the January Blahs

Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea. Here is a sample of your suggestions.


To get through the January “Blahs” I make yummy treats with my daughter and then I let my husband watch and play with her while I curl up to read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer… I am hooked on the books!

-Rachel Anderson

I talk with my friends on line who help me. we are learning healthy way of living and so if any of us have a problem with wanting to eat to get rid of the blahs, we talk with each other and encourage each other that we can do it. Another way I like to window shop.

-Mary Poll

It used to take me a while to feel less “blah” during the winter. I noticed I felt better (specially in the morning, when trying to get up)when my dog opened the wood blinds to let the light in. She loves light and sun, so every morning she gets up and with her paws she opens the back blinds. Any ways I started to do the same with the rest of the house windows. Just open the blinds or curtains letting the bright snow white light of the winter in the house. It pumps me with energy to get up and forget the “blah” of the winter.

-Alessandra Wortmann

January blahs? Non-existent! I spend January cleaning closets, reorganizing book shelves, pitching tons of obsolete papers, and generally de-cluttering my life. It’s a good feeling to simplify so there is more time for the important stuff: family, friends, hobbies, and volunteerism.

-Darlene Sanchez

To get through the January blahs, I make sure to take some time for me. Being a stay at home mom, it’s easy to not get dressed or do my hair or makeup, especially if I know I’m not going anywhere. But I try to make time to get myself ready, that way I don’t feel so blah myself. I also like to get together with my friends, if possible, (but if they’re not available, I do it on my own) and have a pampering night. We do manicures and pedicures, and even though our toes might be covered up by socks and shoes, it’s still nice to see them all done up nicely when we take our shoes and socks off. It’s a little bit of color in a winter landscape that can fast become dull without the bright colors of spring, summer, and winter. It’s also fun to try a new makeup style, or try some new decor around the home. I grew up in California, and we didn’t get very much snow there, so I’m used to lots of color all year long. These are a few ways that help me keep that color to help drown out the winter blahs.


I like to organize. Just organizing a little at a time (ie one drawer or closet). This way it isn’t so overwhelming but you still make progress. It can get a little discouraging after the holidays are over so I like to keep busy. I feel better when I accomplish things also. I like to cook. It feels good to cook freezer meals ahead.

-Lenae Trent

I put my 3 kids down for a nap, put on some music and do something creative for myself; whether it is scrapbooking, making cards, painting a wood project or journaling I feel like I can shut out anything-even January!

-Brittney Vaughn

To help push away the blues this winter I have been working on my youngest daughters scrapbook. Erin is on her mission in Independence, MO Mission. Erin (Sister Grange) is almost at her 1/2 way mark. She has been sending home lots of things for me to scrapbook for her. Some I have to admit I don’t know what to do with. Erin sent home this large Beetle in a plastic bag for me to scrapbook. She has sent home wheat shafts, candy coated bugs & Frisbee golf disks just to name a few of the items. So as you can see Erin is keeping me very busy this winter season. Of course she has sent so many wonderful pictures also.

-Carla Grange

I try to stay active and I like to find good books to read when I have time away from the kids of course.

-Heidi Nelson

I make a list of all the fun projects that I haven’t gotten around to and as I complete them I check them off. These include: sewing, crocheting, photography, card making, scrapbooking, etc. It is really cold here in Roosevelt and if I didn’t have a list of my fun projects to do it would be tough to get through January.

-Karen Uresk

To avoid the January blahs I like to get out my beads and make jewelry and bookmarks for myself and to keep on hand for ready-made gifts. I can get lost for hours creating fun jewelry to go with any outfit.

-Jana Campbell

The hardest things about the January blahs is how to entertain my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She loves to swim and be outside and askes me a few times a week, at least, if she can go outside and swim. Since it is far to cold out, we beat the January blahs by having an indoor pool party. We fill up the tub, let her wear her swimsuit and use her favorite beach towel and all of her pool toys. Afterwards we have a picnic on the kitchen floor with fun drinks, popsicles, etc. This gives her something fun to do and helps me as well because I get a few minutes to read a good book while she plays in the “pool”.

Emily Rigby

My friend and I get together in January and make our holiday and birthday cards for the rest of the year. It helps us look forward to the fun holidays to come, and we are prepared with our cards when they do come.

-Larel Ence

Read a good book. It helps me escape from the dreary January weather.

-Nicole Richins

It just so happened I was doing this when I was watching your show Monday. I heard the week question while I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. and it dawned on me that this was fun that I was doing something to get through the winter blahs. It wasn’t boring or what some would call “work”, it was what I call fun. What a better time to do a little spring cleaning on a cold blah January day. When ever I clean, I may look at something and think, why did I save this? One day I just might use it! But to really get feeling good and having fun with cleaning and to see light at the end of the tunnel, just junk it! If the time comes you do “need” it, then you can buy it then. Why hang on to it just for clutter? Another thing I did Monday was switched out my winter, dark comforter for a light spring one. Amazing how it lifted my spirit! And the snow wasn’t knee high any more, it actually had sparkles in it!!!


I have experienced depression during this time of the year. I fight really hard to keep off of medication. I keep really busy. I find the more I have to do the less time I have to think about being depressed. I get out and exercise as much as possible, find fun things to do with my family, and keep a positive attitude.

-Martha Ericson

I sit down and think about all my blessing I have. My children, my husband, and oh yea my wonderful grandkids. If I feel bad and think my life is not good. I write a list of good things I can do for others to cheer them up. In fact a sweet lady in her 80″s is in the hospital I go visit her each Sunday and cheer her up. I have found out if you do something for someone else it always makes you feel better. so I try to do something nice every day for someone. I love my grandkids coming over. I tend them so their mothers can do something fun for a couple of hours. For me I have fun just being with sweet little grand girls, and grandsons, it makes me happy too. Then January is a good month and every month is good.

-Linda Hansen

Hey, KSL! What’s this about January Blues? January is one of my favorite months especially after tucking away Christmas for a long winter’s nap. Besides hosting a WHITE ELEPHANT party in January, this next idea is my “fav.” Keeping things happy this month… GO OUTSIDE!! Think “outside yourself” and commit to bringing some cheer to those who don’t have much to look forward to. January in particular is a month of dreariness for widows and elderly whose health restricts them from getting out.( We likely have over 100 within 4 blocks of our own home living in condo units). I like to make a yogurt/strawberry smoothie and put it in a clear deli container purchased for .10 at the grocery store. This refreshing, healthy “happy juice” is colorful & especially appealing to those who appear uninterested in eating. I am yet to NOT have a recipient ask for the recipe. Even though it is almost embarrassing to share it because of it’s simplicity, here goes:


1 pint frozen sweetened strawberries(thawed)

1 pint plain yogurt

Puree in blender until smooth and refrigerate.

Sharing a little time and “happy juice” with a shut-in a few times a week during a cold month certainly warms the soul and sends those too-familiar new year tasks such as battling my “bulges” and rotating food storage far in to the priority distance. HAPPY January to you and the KSL Team!

-Marian Adel

I like to stamp with my friends. I also want to get through the January blahs by getting my son out of the ICU at Primary Children’s Medical Center.

-Alisah Gabler

I love to bake and then share what I’ve made with the neighbors. Not only does this make me happy but hopefully it helps others get through their January as well.

-Angie North

The January blahs can really get to me. Even though I know walking always helps me, I have a hard time doing it alone. So this winter, for my birthday, my husband bought me (and the family) a puppy. Although Bear will get bigger and able to walk further, he gets me outside all the time with house training which is good for me. Just being out to feel the fresh air and see the sun, what little there is, does a world of good for me. Hopefully next January, I will be in shape to walk further as my puppy is older and is able to walk further, too.

-Jennifer Billings

I’d have to say flowers. We have geraniums in a window that are blooming now. It brightens a gray day just walking in seeing them. I also like to hand paint postcards with flowers. I send them out to thank people for a talk or a lesson or for just being who they are. I’ve received many comments on the flower postcards, besides the message they love the idea that they are hand painted.

-Ida Hale

I like to de-clutter my house – it makes me feel good to clean out and throw out! I also like to get together with friends and scrapbook the past year’s memories. It is fun to relive all the fun times and share the memories with friends!

-April Williams

To get through the January blah of not being able to go outside and exercise, we checked out some classic exercise videos from the library. We have been “Sweating to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons and also enjoying “Get up and Dance” with Paula Abdul. Most the time we can’t stop laughing long enough to really exercise, but it helps us stop dwelling on the fact that it is to cold to go outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Well I really have not noticed that January is a blah month, but this month what I have done to pass the time by is paint my babies room, for his arrival in the next few weeks. I think painting a new color on the wall is just a nice feeling, I really enjoy having the new space feeling. It almost makes you feel like you have a new House. I love it. That is how I could get through the Blah months.

-Camille Rogers

To get through the January blahs, I always look for new chocolate recipes that I try throughout the month to find the perfect one for Valentine’s Day! I give lots away so that I share my joy with others and also don’t put on all the extra unwanted pounds.
Two bites are plenty to satisfy my cravings and not so many calories that I suffer as a result!

-Maria Weaver

The best thing to do is plan your summer vacation. We knew we were planning to go the beach in 2008. So this is the perfect time to plan. Plus it just gets you excited and thus lifts your spirits during those cold, grey days. Our extended family is currently planning to rent a huge beach house at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are all so excited and now we have something to look forward to (and even get motivated to exercise so we can fit into our bathing suits)!

-Mary Yost

I pull out old pictures and scrapbook, make cards for the New Year’s holidays and hang out with my family and friends as we create these fun things.

-Gina Johnson

I try to make sure that I exercise and eat right. The exercise really helps my mood to improve.

-Cathy Jeppsen

I like to start gardening. Even though it is cold outside, it is a great time of year to begin your planting indoors with tomato and pepper seeds. They will be ready to plant outside by the time it warms up. It is also a great way to involve children and keep them busy and looking forward to spring.

-Rebecca Eastwood

To get through my January blahs, I make freezer meals. This consists of cooking a bunch of meat and mixing it with sauces and spices. I find that I have more time to spend with my husband and I spend less time in the kitchen. It is great also for the summer months when it is too hot to cook.

-Nicole Lindsay

January is really not a busy month for me, so I look at this month for a time to catch up on interior decorating. Which I look at it as a relaxing and enjoyable time. Since all the Christmas decorations and the tree are put away I have then looked at my house to see how I could add some flair and excitement to it. I have decided I am going to paint two walls in my living room a chestnut brown with a faux off-white paint using the two-headed sponge roller. I will be adding pillows to my micro fiber sofa and greenery throughout with splashes of color taken out of my area rug to use with my interior decorating colors.
I will be sanding my kitchen table and repaint it and possibly sand down the edges and make look a little more vintage. My list can go on and on. I will be doing a before and after picture to see the outcome.

-Michelle Turner

To get over the January blahs I get a hobby. I make a list of things I would like to learn. This week I’m going to concur making bread. I have never been able to make a delicious white yeast bread. Next week I am going to re-decorate my apartment living room. After that I’m trying to make something for my little one on the way. I would like to make the baby a blanket. The fastest way for me not to end up on the couch watching mindless TV is to keep myself busy.

-Rachel Roundy

I try to have a project that involves my creativity. One year I made a wall hanging for my kitchen out of an old window grid insert. I backed it with red plaid paper and then used things I already had to put in each little window square. It didn’t cost anything. This month I pulled out a quilt that needed finishing and I’m working on that. One year I painted a room. I also like to put on a movie while I’m working, (chic flick or comedy). Laughing takes away the blahs for me.

-DeVonne Allred

I love to cook. For some reason it seems easier to find time to cook this time of year. I like to cook meals ahead for the freezer. It warms up the house and fills it with wonderful smells, As well as stocking up the freezer for later. It is a nice feeling to know that I have healthy homemade meals available in the freezer for days when I don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or have a busy day. Sometimes when it is cold we don’t feel like braving the cold to head to the grocery store, with meals in the freezer, I know that I can stay in. Some days I spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing freezer meals. Other times I just make two of the entree that I’m fixing for dinner that night. After a few times of doing this, I have a nice supply of freezer meals without too much extra effort. We also love to spend time as a family by the fire playing games and watching movies and eating warm fresh popped popcorn. It is nice to have some down time after the craziness of the holidays to just relax and enjoy being together.

-Lenae Trent

For me, as I take down my Christmas Decorations, I suddenly realize it’s January. What is there for me to look forward to? Being a stay at home mom my home in the center of my Universe, and decorations especially at Christmas help me feel, and be happier. So last year as I took down my Christmas Decorations I decided I would start decorating according to the month. For example: JANUARY — Snow Flakes/Snow men. FEBRUARY — Valentines. MARCH — St. Patrick’s. Not spending a lot of money and using my crafty side I try and keep Decorations up all year long…but especially in Jan..Feb..March as they can be kind of snowy and depressing! It helps me in looking forward to the new month/holiday, and always looking for new ideas!

-Brooke Barker

I start cleaning out closets and getting everything organized again. I also love to quilt, so visiting a quilt store and finding a new quilt to make is like a vacation for me.

-Janet Hovey

Besides the cleaning up and putting away, I try to organize and make cards for the coming year. (Birthdays, Get Well, Thank You, etc.)


To get through the January blahs I do a little pre-spring cleaning. I bring in spring flowers and freshen up my living space. I also try to spend time outside, when it is not so chilly. We go sledding or hit the slopes for the day.

-Ali Van Patten

I like to do things for other people. In December I was remembering all my neighbors with treats and visits. But in January it is a little let down for everyone. So I decided this January I would visit my friends and take some fresh muffins and just say “Hi I hope you have a nice day”. There are so many things you can do to make others happy who may be home bound and not happy. Why not cheer them up? And it will make you happy too. January will be a good month too.

-Corrinne Carlson

This year I decided to do something different. I started an inspirational book. I figured this would set the tone for the year, sort of how working out in the morning gets you fired up for your day. The book I am starting this year off with is “Eat Pray Love”, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It gets me excited about using the new year to get in touch with who I really am and to start discovering my spirituality. January has been an exciting month for me!

-Kathleen Pollock

The thing that gets me through the January blahs, especially when we get the inversion, is to get outside, into the mountains and the fresh clean air. I love to ski and snowshoe and do all sorts of activities outside in the winter. It really helps me to feel good and see that there is still so much beauty around us, even when everything is cold and dead. If you are someone who stays inside all winter, I highly recommend getting yourself up into the mountains and revitalize yourself!

-Rachel Turk

Since the hustle and bustle of the holidays has ended I have found that my days can be pretty long and lonely. My husband attends school and work all day while I stay home with our small baby. To add some enjoyment to my life, I’ve started making the some of the crafts and experimenting with some of the recipes presented on the show. It is always fun to learn something new. They are simple to do and I usually have the things needed for the projects lying around the house. I found that it adds a little spice to my life and gives me something fun to do while my little one takes a nap.

-Julie Ransom

We as a family try to focus on us and the great snow. Where it is making our own snow flake out of paper and hanging them in the window or making a snow man outside or just going to play in it. We try to look at what great weather we have together as a family. This makes us closer as a family.


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