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Quick Closet Refashions

Sick of staring at the same clothes every morning in your closet? Try these
quick closet refashions, and rework your options!

Blogger Kaysi Gardner with “Keeping it Simple” shares five closet refashions.

Shirt-to-Skirt Refashion

1) I took a XXL shirt, with stretchy fabric.

2) I cut off at that top where the sleeves hit the shirt. I sewed up the sides to
my desired width, making the end bigger than the waist.

3) Using elastic, I put a band on the top.

4) Using the extra fabric from the sleeves, I made one long continuous strip
that was about 1/2″ wide and then ruffled it. I sewed it onto the bottom of
the skirt making a flower.

Ruffle Fabric Refashion

1) I first took a regular black shirt and cut it at the waist.

2) Using ruffle fabric (it’s fabric that is really ruffled and can be found at craft
stores), I cut two rectangles at the width and length that I wanted.

3) I used up the sides and then sewed it onto the shirt.

4) I then made a belt out of fabric and fabric rosettes to add some color.

Turtleneck Refashion

1) I took a turtleneck that I got on clearance and cut off the neck of it.

2) I then made the neckline a v-neck and hemmed the sides.

3) I cut the sleeves and hemmed them.

4) Using the fabric from the sleeves, I cut some strips that we about 1/2″ and
made one long strip. Using elastic thread in the bobbin, I made the strip

5)Using lots of pins, I sewed the ruffles onto the shirt in lots of different

T-shirt to Cardigan

1) I took a regular long sleeve shirt. This one I got at Walmart for $1

2) I cut the shirt in the front, right down the middle. I then hemmed the

3) I cut the sleeves to make it short sleeves.

4) Using the sleeves, I cut them into different sized flowers and then sewed it
onto the cardigan.

White Shirt Refashion

1) I took a white long sleeve shirt.

2) I cut off the sleeves and using elastic thread, gathered the sleeve.

3) Using the fabric from the sleeves, I cut several “B” shaped pieces

4) I then paired a big “B” and a little “B” and sewed them together.

5) Then I folded them and sewed them onto the shirt.

Kaysi Gardner blogs at Keeping it Simple (
She is a stay at home mom of 4 kids, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1. When Kaysi needs
something to do , she always turns to crafts! She loves everything crafty, but
especially loves crafts that are easy and don’t take too much time or money.
The majority of the crafts Kaysi does, anyone can do, even if you aren’t
crafty! She loves to teach people how to make things, so you will find lots of
tutorials on her blog, with plenty of pictures and detailed instructions.

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