Quick Comebacks for the Christmas Ask

During the holidays, we are all feeling more charitable – but how can we let
others know when we have reached the end of our budget?

Etiquette blogger Janine Ottley shares quick comebacks for the Christmas

During the holidays we are all feeling charitable and people’s needs grow as
the seasons change, especially when we talk about Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Hanukkah, Kwanza, and so forth. Charitable donations become a part of
many of our lives and budgets, but how can we let others know when we
have reached the end of that budget, politely?

Here are a few tips that you can use to help you in your everyday
conversations with people (in situations you might find yourself in):

-When someone asks you if you might be able to contribute to their cause (or
any charitable cause) and you’ve reached your limit for the year (or don’t have
a budget for charity this year)- you can simply say: We’ve given all we can
this year, but I’d love to donate next year, can I write your number down (or
you can write my number down) for next year and let’s get in touch- I’d love
to be a part of that. Thank you for asking me.

-If you’ve already committed to contribute to something and it exceeds what
you can contribute financially, be honest and let the person in charge know
that you can’t contribute the amount you had hoped, but you can contribute
x amount, and you hope next year you can do more- and might you donate
your time and efforts toward the cause?

-It’s always a nice idea as a family to get together before the holidays and
plan as a family the amount you will be contributing to charity for the year,
that way you have budgeted how much you can spend on contributions and
when you have reached that amount, you can look forward to next year’s

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