Quick Fixes for Your Beauty Uglies

We all have days we want to hide under a paper bag because of some pretty embarrassing beauty blemishes. From a bright red dot the screams “look at me,” to that painful cold sore, there is no need to worry anymore. Dermatologist David Myers has the fast track fixes for the most common beauty blunders.

1. Melasma:

– Solution: Sunscreen can’t be undersold and bleaching agents (over the counter strength like hydroquinone 2%. and other brand products like spot correctors made by Neutrogena, Clinique and others work great. More potent treatments are available as prescriptions and these are typically what I recommend.

2. Cold Sores:

– Solution: Over the counter products like Abreva can mildly help with discomfort and duration. The results are much better help from prescriptions. Oral and topical anti cold sore medicines that I recommend are, Valacyclovir called valtrex or Acyclovirprotection lotion.

3. Under Eye Bags:

– Solution: It’s important to sleep on your back, decrease your amount of stress and fatigue. A good rule of thumb is to use a retinol or even a prescription retinoid. Sunscreen is always a good way to prevent the dark color under eyes. A cold spoon, cucumber or bag of peas will help decrease the swelling.

4. Blemishes:

– Solution: Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salacylic acid are great topical solutions. Sal acid is great for the white bumps under skin and black heads. A doctor could give you more specific treatment with stronger medicines catered to your acne if over the counter products are not sufficient. For a blemish, I would start w/ benzoyl peroxide, range from 2.5% to 10% or you can try something in the middle (like 5%). This can be drying so don’t overdo it at first. use an oil free/ non comedongenic or moisterizers if needed, and don’t pick.

5. Scars/Stretch Marks:

– Solution: Treatments are most effective at the earlier part of the appearance of the stretch marks. There are tons of scar treatments on the market and though they may help a tiny, honestly evidence doesn’t show a great improvement with vitamin e or cocoa butter or even prescriptions. What has been shown to help is when the scar is new or red. There are also we lasers to treat scars. A topical retinol (over the counter) or prescription retinoid has been shown to help.

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