Quiz for Kids and Cash

Sara Swift from Utah Central Credit Union shared some financial tips and found a great way to test the money profile of your children.

(courtesy of the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions)


The following 15 statements pertain to spending techniques. There are five responses to select from which indicate the degree of your likeness to each statement. Just mark the number in the space provided. Should a statement not apply to your situation, skip it and adjust the scoring accordingly. The scoring section follows.


1. Totally like me

2. A lot like me

3. Equally like and unlike me

4. A little like me

5. Not like me at all

Spending Techniques:

1. Each time I receive money, I usually put a small amount of cash aside as savings.

2. Each time I receive any money, I usually deposit it into a checking or savings account

3. I keep track of the money I receive from all sources

4. I set aside a pre-determined portion of my money for regular weekly expenses

5. I set aside ten percent of the money I receive for savings

6. My money is managed (both spending & savings) according to a written spending plan or budget.

7. My food and grocery spending is planned in advance and done with a list.

8. I rarely make less than two trips a week to the grocery or convenience store.

9. Grocery and other coupons are utilized whenever possible

10. Comparison shopping for quality, value, price, etc. is something I do for practically every purchase, large or small.

11. I have comparison shopped for food and clothing in the last year.

12. I don’t dine out (breakfast, lunch or dinner) more than two times a week.

13. I account for all my cash spending by collecting receipts.

14. I am saving money towards my college education

15. I have given food/money to needy persons in the last two weeks.



15-23 VERY PERCEPTIVE. Time to teach others how to do it.

23-34: PRETTY GOOD Concentrate on improving a few weaker spots.

35-47: AVERAGE An hour-a-week on improving spending = Savings

48-60 LOUSY Immediate change required to avoid financial disaster.

60+ IT STINKS! You need to re-evaluate all your spending habits.

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