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How to Raise Creative Kids

Of all the things we teach our kids, inspiring them to be creative kids should be one of them. But what are the best ways to do that?

Tim Brown shares five ways to teach your kids to be creative.

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Raising Creative Kids

Keep your kids learning by helping them be creative. Below are some ways to inspire creativity in your kids.

5 Ways to Infuse Creativity in Kids

  1. Create a Safe Environment for Ideas (Explore. Imagine. Dream. Invent. Share.)
  2. Let Ideas Live (Even for 60 seconds. Let ideas ricochet. Spark other ideas.)
  3. Be Playful. Creative People are Playful People.
  4. Challenge All Assumptions.
  5. Become a Master at Playing “What if…”

3 Things That Kill Creativity

  1. We say NO, Don’t touch. Stop. Put that down.
  2. We kill ideas too quickly. (Can’t do. Costs too much. Won’t work. Tried that before)
  3. We reward for conformity. (Coloring INSIDE the lines instead of for expression of ideas)


Go a different way home, to work, or to class. (Discover. Absorb. Invent. Explore.)

Are We Making Our Kids Dumb?

Children’s Creativity Has Declined – Psychology Today

America is in a Creativity Crisis

Kids are pressured to conform. Schools reward for one right answer and punish children & teachers for daring different routes. Kids need free time to:

  • Explore
  • Play
  • Be bored
  • Overcome boredom
  • Fail
  • Overcome failure

TEDx Talk – Dr. George Land, NASA Scientist, on Creativity Genius Study on kids & adults

NASA’s Dr. George Land implores the TEDx audience to bring back that 5-year-old inside each of us. This starts us on that path and is the first in a series of 10 books in the “What if?” book series.

Tim Brown, Creativity Coach & Author of “What If You Ate a Taco?”, has trained thousands of executives on creative thinking in his Creative Workshops over 35 years. Tim helps teams and groups uncover the kid inside of them and rediscover their own creative genius within. Then he helps them apply that to challenges they face in work and life. And it all starts with a mind ready to explore wonderful possibilities and two words—What If.