Raising Smart Girls

Relationship Coach Matt Townsend shares some ideas to make sure our young women hear the messages we really want them to hear.

S hare your vision of who your daughter really is.

M ake your example speak louder than your words.

A ffirm her worth every chance you get.

R espect her desires as much as yours.

T ell her you love her no matter what.

Share your vision of who your daughter really is.

Nothing could be more valuable to your daughter’s potential growth than knowing what she is capable of becoming. Every parent thinks highly about their children. Share with your daughter the amazing potential she has. Be specific in how you see she can change the world and the unique gifts and talents that only she can offer.

Make your example speak louder than your words.

When it comes to human motivation, nothing is more motivating than the effective example of another. Many parents try to “make” their children become something that they never became themselves but children know better than to trust that. Talk is cheap! The best way to help your children become smarter is to just be smarter. Turn of the TV, (after Studio 5 of course) and show your children how to read a book, excel in a hobby or contribute to society.

Affirm her worth every chance you get.

All human beings want to be appreciated and seen as valuable people of endless worth. What could be easier to help motivate our daughters to be smarter than to just keep affirming their value? Take every chance you get to point out what they do right and making them believe in themselves because we do. If we tell them they’re incredible long enough, they will undoubtedly start to believe it.

Respect her desires as much as yours.

Many times when we’re trying to guide and direct our children we tend to focus more on what we want them to achieve than what they want to achieve. One of the hardest things to overcome in creating change with people is the lack of momentum. Just like a car that is stalled, once we can get it rolling it’s easier to move to other locations. The same is true with our daughters. Use the momentum they already are achieving in some areas of their life and redirect that energy into other locations. Focus on where they are motivated and use that motivation to grow and increase their opportunities in other areas of life.

Tell her you love her no matter what.

All humans want to be loved unconditionally whether they’re smart or not. The basic need of every human being is to be loved unconditionally. The best way to be able to build motivated and healthier children is to make it safe for them to fail, that way they can risk, learn and grow without the fear of being rejected. Tell your children you love them no matter what, tell them you’ll be there no matter what and they will know they can stretch and will always have a warm shoulder to cry on.

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