Rate and Reveal: On-line Fitness Programs

Jessica Foust with Top Ten Reviews rates and reveals the best online fitness programs.

Online exercise sites are a great option for those of us wanting to lose weight and get trim. These sites are like having a personal trainer 24/7 anywhere you have internet access. Many services also help with meal planning and personalized diet plans to give you all the tools you need to lead a healthier life.
TopTenREVIEWS has researched all of the best online fitness services based on exercise features, specific exercise types, multimedia features, extra features, and credibility.

#1: demandFITNESS

demandFITNESS is a great website for people who are looking for online exercise classes and instruction that they can use anywhere. It provides high-quality exercise class videos that can be viewed anywhere you have computer access. www.demandfitness.com

Standout Features:

• High Quality Exercise Videos

• Selection of Exercises Covered

• Goal Tracker

• Health Assessment Tool

#2: Train with Me Online

This site has almost everything you could want in an exercise site. It has flexibility, knowledgeable experts, a wide range of muscle building exercises and many useful features. www.trainwithmeonline.com

Standout Features:

• Printable Workouts

• Create Personal Training Plan

• Tracking Measurements/Statistics

• Covers Strength Training with Free Weights or Machines

#3: Workouts on Demand

This site focuses on bring the experience of a gym’s exercise class to anywhere you have computer access. This is a great option for those who are too shy to sweat it out at the gym. It is also great for people who are too busy to get to the gym, or simply can’t make it to a regular exercise class.

Standout Features:

• Exercise Journal

• Food Journal

• Professional Instructors

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