RC Willey: Techie Gifts

Ratcliff with RC Willey talks about what you can expect for this year’s holiday offerings.

1. Jump Drive – Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your pictures and your music files or you needed to just take a file with you, now with a small inexpensive jump drive you can. They come in sizes from 1 gigabyte to 8 gigabyte and even higher if you need to most space. Cost $19.99-49.99

2. Digital TV Converter Box – Anyone that uses an antenna or rabbit ears to get their TV signal is going to need one. You can apply for 2 coupons at www.DTV2009.gov and if you qualify you will receive 2 coupons redeemable for 40 dollars each. The converter boxes RC Willey carries are $49.99 dollars each.

3. Digital Picture Frame – You can have the ability to load pictures and music on to a small 7 inch screen and have your own personal digital scrap book at the touch of your finger tips. Mail grandma in Maine one, preloaded with pictures, and mail it for Christmas. As the year goes by mail her a new memory card and she can watch current photos.

4. Universal Harmony Remote – One remote that controls it all. serious. download the codes from the Internet and your new remote does everything but the dishes. one button to turn on the DVD, one button to turn everything off, ceiling fan, fireplace, one remote that’s all.

5. Vision Art – how would you like to hide your TV on the wall, with a frame you choose to match the decor then have the TV inserted in to the studs of the wall and have it look like a picture frame. have a favorite photo or want to choose one from a list of stock photos that will come down in the frame and cover your TV.

6. 11″ OLED Sony Television – saving the best for last. TVs have gone from 30 inches deep to 4.5 inches deep the new TV is here Sony has a TV that is under an 1/8 of an inch thick. still capable of hooking up your current electronics making any spot in the home a great place for a TV.

Check out all the great buys at RC Willey at www.rcwilley.com

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