Re-Styling for Real Life

Color-blocking is back, in a big way! Not brave enough to pair a green short
with an orange belt? Who is, really?

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone re-styles this trend for the
real life woman.

Solid Red purse, solid orange belt, solid green shirt , solid purple pants with
animal print boots – all in the same outfit? Are you kidding me? It’s not a
joke. If you look at magazines and store displays, you will see color-
blocking is BACK. And it’s not just for the store windows or fashion runways
– it can be for you, and me, and every day. From intimidating to inspiring,
here are some simple tips to transform a bold concoction into a believable

Yellow-Yikes to Yellow-Yay!

Yellow is a big color for Fall 2012. But look like a ray of light instead of the
entire sun by choosing ONE key piece of yellow clothing i.e.: a jacket, a
blouse or even a pair of pants.

· Wear it loud – let IT stand on its own!

· Wear it proud – this is a fantastic color to own in a statement piece-not
just as an accessory color

· Always ground it – keep it strong with unexpected neutral colors like
royal or navy blue, chocolate or charcoal.

Mis-Matched to Motivation

Did she mean to put THAT together? Does THAT actually work? Could I do
THAT at age 20-30-40-50 somethin’? Yes, yes and YES!!! While 5 different
patterns may seem like a Picasso, 2 will add some flavor to your style. So,
find your inspiration!

· Look for a pattern or print you LOVE of any kind whether in a handbag,
scarf, blouse or jacket shoes or even belt.

· Pull colors out that inspire you

· Start building your outfit with those colors

· Add a second print or pattern into the mix/print that mimics a color in
your inspiration piece

It’s OK if the prints/patterns are completely different – a common color in
their design will tie them together. Wear it with confidence because you

Color Confusion to Color Confident

Just because the box of crayons comes with 120 colors doesn’t mean you
need to use every single one of them–right? I mean, why do I need 19
shades of blue when navy goes with everything? It’s time to get honest with
yourself: how many bright colors do you ever use? If someone asks you which
color you wear the most and your answer is black, brown or grey – this trend
may have you running for safety in the nearest neutral aisle. Slow down.
You don’t have to wear 5 bold shades of color. Just pick a bold color you like,
but have never dared to wear. The season of “anything goes” is upon us, so
you CANNOT make a mistake!

· Start by adding 2 brighter colors to your safe zone

· Don’t worry if they match. Don’t fret if they complement. Don’t stress if
they seem too much. Just add them. Because chances are if you aren’t
wearing color now, then you are wearing only neutrals, which can support
any brighter color

· The goal here is to JUST DO IT NOW!

· Stay safer with solid color blocks-no prints patterns or designs

· Only 2. Any 2. Anyhow. Anywhere. Ready. Set. DO!!!!

Punch Punk to Primly Pinked

Bright pink is a difficult color to pull off without appearing juvenile. You can
quickly turn back the clock if you wear it head to toe. Although this bold
color suits a young girl, when done properly, it can potently SASSIFY a

· Too much pink and you’ll need a “bink!”

· Bold pink is the perfect accessory to add some POP to navy, chocolate
and even army green

· Pink in hair = punk beware!

· Go pink with a large handbag, bangles, a scarf, or even a fabulous pair
of boots

Holly Stone is no stranger to business and the beauty industry. Starting as a
model at the age of 14 she decided that she preferred to be behind the
scenes rather than in front of the camera. She choreographed fashion shows,
selected models for events and assisted her agency with make-up.

Her skill for make-up artistry quickly became recognized and the demand for
her talent launched a career that would take her all over the country. She
received a bachelor’s degree, and took a position as VP of Merchandising for There she learned the business skills of resourcing, buying,
marketing, and negotiating. She moved on to train in Los Angeles at AWARD,
a leading make-up artist school in the west.

Today, with her business skills and her passion for the art of make-up, she
manages a successful career as an educator and a veteran make-up artist of
16 years. She works in various media with actors/actresses, models, brides,
and photographers. She is a consultant to several cosmetic distributors, spas,
and salons where she teaches application and technique. She is a nationally
recognized educator of cosmetic application and is a personal image
consultant to people ranging from high position corporate figures to the
every day woman.

Holly is the owner of Re-Creation Studio, School of Media Make-up Artistry.
For information about her classes, visit

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