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The Real New Year: 3 ways to make a bold change at the shifting of seasons

Fall is the time to make a bold change in your life.

As fall begins, there’s an undeniable physiological shift within us. It’s as if the universe aligns itself, nudging us to make a change, to embrace a bolder version of ourselves. This transformative period, often referred to as a woman’s real New Year, beckons us to step into our power and make significant choices.

Author and speaker Connie Sokol emphasizes that now is the time for bold decisions. It’s not merely about change for the sake of it; it’s about making a courageous choice that resonates with our deepest desires and aspirations. Connie encourages us to throw open the gates of possibility and embark on a bold, transformative path.

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3 Ways to Make a Bold Change This Fall

How do we navigate this uncharted territory with confidence? Connie reminds us that there’s a time for small, gradual steps, but there’s also immense power in taking a leap of faith. Making bold changes, whether in our fitness routine, our careers, or our personal lives, requires us to declare to ourselves and the world, “I’m doing this, and I’m doing it now.”

Lean Into Discontent

Connie shares a powerful story of a 17-year-old baker who, driven by a simple passion for pastries, turned a backyard experiment into a thriving bakery business. His story serves as a testament to the magic that happens when we lean into our discontent, acknowledging the potential within us waiting to be unleashed.

Be Your Bold Self

Being bold doesn’t mean being reckless; it’s about taking calculated risks and making tough decisions in the face of uncertainty. It’s about acknowledging the tension between excitement and fear and choosing to lean forward, embracing the discomfort, and stepping into the unknown.

Find Your Tribe

One crucial aspect of this transformative journey is finding your tribe. Surrounding yourself with good, supportive women can make all the difference. The power of female solidarity, the shared dreams, and the collective strength provide a nurturing environment where each woman can grow and thrive. It takes courage to raise your hand and say, “I want in,” but the rewards are immeasurable.

As we embrace this season of change, listen to the rumble within us, acknowledge our discontent, and lean into it with courage. Take those bold steps, no matter how daunting they may seem, and find your tribe along the way.

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