Rebate State

How would you like the help of a realtor without the cost of a realtor?

Brent Cardon with Rebate State breaks down how his new program that is
changing the way home owners sell.

Rebate State is revolutionizing the way people buy and sell homes in Utah. We
have developed an exciting, and innovative approach to the traditional
buyer/broker relationship.

First and foremost we put clients ahead of our commissions. Every client will
submit a Customer Satisfaction Survey prior to closing. All of our agents
commissions are based on “YOUR” satisfaction!

Second, we offer up to a 40% Rebate Check after closing to our buyers, to use
however and whatever they choose. As well as the great incentive to our Buyer
clients, we offer up to 40% Rebate Check to our Sellers after closing or up to
40% reduction in listing fees, to help them realize the most equity from their
homes. There are certain restrictions that apply to both Buyers and Sellers,
please contact us for more information or visit our website at

We are able to do this while still giving our clients 100% full service and
attention. Call us today and start planning what you’re going to do with your
Rebate Check!

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