Recipe for Giant Bubbles

If you’re looking for BIG-time fun this summer, you are in luck. Studio 5 is sharing two oversized activities for mega- entertainment right in your own backyard.

Blogger Toni Roberts with Design Dazzle shares details to create giant bubbles and a giant kerplunk game!

Super giant bubbles can be addicting to young and old. I’m sharing how to make a Giant Bubbles Kit complete with recipe, the secret ingredient, tutorial on how-to make the bubble wand sticks and printables for bubble labels.

Kids would love to receive this giant bubbles kit as a birthday gift or even help make the kit. I made a simple drawstring sack to hold the bubble kit supplies.

This is how a bubble looks when dipped in the solution and the bubble wand stick is “opened up” to make bubbles.

Regular bubble solution will not work for giant bubbles. Check my post on making giant bubbles where I share the **secret** ingredient bubble recipe.

Have you seen the fun colors that tomato cages come in now? After seeing the vibrant colors I thought about making a giant game. Remember the kerplunk game with the marbles. Well this is the same type of game only life size and definitely can handle a big group. This would be good for a large family gathering or just letting the kids go for it.

The object of the game is to pull out a stick without making the balls drop. Everyone takes a turn pulling a stick out one by one. Then if a ball or two drops (or 30) you keep them and at the end of the game count how many balls you made drop. Usually the last few sticks will make all the balls drop so the suspense is who will be the one to pull that last stick. Make your own rules.

Here is the complete how-to make a giant kerplunk game from tomato cages tutorial. Enjoy!

For more summer ideas and activities for kids check out our Design Dazzle Summer Camp Series going on now. I featured a Reading Rewards Chart that is a scratch off chart. It’s a free printable and great incentive for summer reading.

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