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Reclaim the joy in motherhood! Here are 3 ways to notice the small moments

It takes some patience, but you can find joy in motherhood. Even in the hard moments.

Motherhood is full of ups and downs. One second you’ve had a sweet story time with your toddler, the next their screaming for more candy. With a little patience and mindfulness, you can find the moments of pure gold in your day-to-day.

Host of the 3 in 30 podcast, Rachel Nielson, shares three ways to look for the great moments in motherhood. She shares a relevant metaphor about an old gold prospector, and why you should write down the perfect moments.

Find the Flecks of Gold journal at www.3-in-30-podcast.myshopify.com. Use code “STUDIO5” for 10% off through Mother’s Day.

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