Reclaim Your Garage Space

Zachary Anderegg introduces The Wrench-It Center, a complete Do-It-Yourself vehicle repair center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Whether you enjoy wrenching on cars and trucks, boats, motorcycles, or anything else that is mechanical we can offer you a clean work environment with tools, shop equipment, supplies and real time OEM information to make your project a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Our facility has the right equipment to handle everything from regular maintenance tasks to major repairs and projects. Finally you have the space and equipment to get your job done right.





toolbox use, discounted
products, affordable rates.

Lifts, Free overnight storage, Free parts delivery, Fluids disposal

cares about your vehicle like
you do.

are just some of the perks our customers will enjoy. Why pay a premium
to have
someone else work on your ride when you could be doing it yourself? You
the skills & experience, just not the space or expensive
equipment to get
the job done right. Not anymore. Now you have an economical alternative
to get
your work done.
asked ourselves what would we want if we could go to a shop like this.
Heck, we
have all experienced the frustration of trying to work in a cramped
garage or
the driveway, not having the right tool on hand or making constant
parts run
because you forgot something. With that in mind we have created a user
environment that includes such conveniences as onsite parts delivery,
disposal, online OEM service manuals for accurate information, FREE
storage & much more.
it’s a family commuter, your bread & butter work
truck or a classic project
car, do it yourself & you can trust it was done right. With our
quality tools
& equipment plus our online database of OEM service information
you now
have the resources to maintain your vehicles like you have always
wanted to.

The Wrench-It Center is located at 1245 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117. You can reach them at 801-977-7500 or online at

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