Relax Outdoors in Style

Get the most out of your backyard this summer! You’ve seen designer outdoor spaces in the magazines, but you can have an amazing outdoor space of your own.

Designer Melody Palmer shares tips to pull off a designer outdoor space.

Create fun, outdoor spaces to use this Summer to expand your space like outdoor dining to host a brunch or an outdoor room to kick back and watch the sunset. Read below for more on how to create a stylish outdoor situation for you and your family.

Setting the Scene for an Outdoor Dining Experience:

*Use what you have: Bring out the goblets, linen napkins and china and use them outside for a fun indoor-outdoor experience that is stylish and outside the norm. Also look what you have growing in your flower beds and cut some flowers that are in season to put together some fun, natural and inexpensive florals for the table.

*Bringing the inside out: Mix it up by bringing out some larger indoor items for outdoor dining. Borrow a rug from the hallway, or try borrowing some different style chairs from throughout the house to have a juxtaposition of chairs to sit around the outdoor dining table.

*Let it be: When putting together outdoor dining, don’t overdo it, let the setting create the mood. Recognize what your natural setting is and try to reflect that in what you buy and choose to pull in from the inside in ways of color, mood and style. If you add too much, it distracts from the beauty surrounding you.

Creating Outdoor Rooms:

Creating an outdoor room can expand your space. Create a comfortable and inviting outdoor room by using the same basic design principles you would use indoors.

*Choose a Color Palette:
Choose a color palette that reflects the mood of your home and the natural environment of your outdoors. You may want to go with an all-neutral palette or maybe you have a porch of happy, colorful flowers, then you may want to go with a bright color palette with a punch of pattern. Every color palette, either neutral, modern or colorful needs a pop factor like a fun pattern or accent color that is carried throughout the space.

*Don’t forget to add height: Bring height to an outdoor room by utilizing the nature around you like the height factor trees create. Try hanging Kerr jar lanterns from a tree or if you don’t have a tree you can use a patio umbrella to hang some Venetian glass lanterns or ribbons to bring the eye up which expands the space and pulls the outdoor room together.

*Lighting: Enjoy lighting outside to be able to create a serene ambiance and also for daytime and nighttime use of your outdoor space. You can go simple by gathering a mixture of colored pillar candles and setting them in rock gravel on a piece of pottery or you can go with an outdoor chandelier you hang in a gazebo, twinkle lights or other fun lighting solutions.

*Texture: You can create texture for your outdoor room with different fabric textures and outdoor rugs. Choose a jute rug for a more natural setting or maybe you want to add a pop of color outdoor rug that you can find at a place like World Market.

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