Awesome Ottomans

It may be time to throw out the coffee table. Because an ottoman is a whole lot more versatile.

We asked Tonya Olsen from Liv Showroom in Bountiful to help us know how to choose one.

Ottomans have really been growing in popularity in the past few years. Here are a few reasons why we love them.

100% Customizable

They can be made to fit your space exactly. Coffee table dimensions can at times be limited in sizes and shapes. In some rooms an inch can really make a difference in how that room functions. Rather than be limited to the sizes and shapes the tables are available in you can get one that is just right.

You can select any fabric. Some rooms desperately need some pattern. If you have larger solid sofas and chairs a patterned ottoman brings a layer of interest a solid coffee table wouldn’t be able to do.


A large ottoman can be used as a coffee table by placing a tray on top or it can be a place to kick your feet up. It could also be used as extra seating during a party.

Smaller ottomans or poofs are a great way to add extra seating and complete the seating group if space won’t allow for chairs.

Poofs can be tucked under consoles or sofa tables and brought out when you need somewhere to kick your feet up or you need to pull up another seat for game night.

Don’t just limit your ottomans to living spaces. They can almost be used in any room in your home. They are great at the foot of the bed, we love adding an ottoman in a walk in closet so you have a convenient perch for putting your shoes on.

Add softness

We like to use an ottoman in place of a coffee table because it adds softness and comfort. Sometimes our spaces are full of hard finishes and crisp lines and a plush ottoman helps the room from feeling too harsh.

They’re great in a family room with kids because they don’t have sharp edges.

Add storage

We love the storage ottoman. Who doesn’t need a quick and easy storage solution? You can toss extra blankets in them or keep toys or games in them. We love furniture that does double duty. And anything that adds extra storage is great.

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