Create a Porch that Pops

Studio 5 is helping you get your home summer ready! There’s no better place to welcome friends and neighbors than the front porch. With the right elements…even the smallest space can really pack a punch!

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares ideas to make your porch stand out from the rest.

Porch Trellis –

If you don’t have a large space on your front steps but love the idea of planting beautiful flowers here is an idea for you! I purchased this small trellis at Home Depot for $8, 4 clay pots for $.78 each and some flowers ranging from $2-$3 each. I first started with painting my trellis, (Hint: spray paint didn’t work as well, wood absorbed it too much) so I ended up filling it in with outdoor craft paint.

Then I liked the idea of painting my pots, you could leave them as is, but I painted them again with white outdoor craft paint, (just like the regular craft paint, it’s just meant for outdoors) and added stripes of variety colors to give some color.

Then to attach them to the trellis I cut 4 stripes of ribbon about 24″ long. First securely tie them in a bow in the back. I added some E600 glue on both front and back to make sure that the ribbon wouldn’t slip from the pot. Place your pots in your desired locations and then tying them in a not around your trellis. Add your flowers to your pots and place on your doorstep, balcony or back porch to add some beauty!

Shoe box-

Part of summertime is finding shoes here and there scattered throughout the house. Most of the time filled with sand, fresh cut grass, or water. To avoid the mess add a pot on your front door step for those shoes to be removed before even walking in and out of the door a hundred times during the summer!

I purchased a pot at Home Depot for $8. Then using some craft paint I painted the entire pot a crisp white, added a strip of pink, and then splashed it with some glamour with a dip of glitter! I used Elmers glue and then sprinkled it with glitter to make sure it stayed.

Place it on your front step and avoid the headache of tripping over shoes!

Door mat

Have a hard time finding that doormat that fits your taste? You can make your own for around $18. Custom made…how does that sound??? I purchased 8 of these 2′ redwood strips at Home Depot for $1.97 each. I kindly asked them to cut them in half, giving me 16 posts. I marked 2.5″ down from the top and bottom and drilled at each end. Then I drilled them with a 3/8″ drill bit. I had some leftover paint from another project and painted them two different colors to spice it about up a bit. After the paint was dry I used jute and tied 5 knots in the same spot to make a secure knot, to make sure it wouldn’t slip through the posts. You will pull your jute through the hole, then tie between 4-6 knots closely to the post, do this at each end. Then string your next post through and repeat steps until you have used all your posts. And then you have your very own sturdy doormat!

Door planter

Sure you could spend $40-50 on a new wreath for your door. But nothing says welcome to your home than a beautiful wreath full of fresh flowers. If you look at Tipan Trading you can find these adorable hanging baskets for $10! Add some good soil and fresh plants and be sure to water for a beautiful wreath that will be sure to welcome the neighbors over!

Beauty basket

If you have a few tools and an hour to spare you can make this beautiful basket for around $15. Sure you could go buy a basket but you can make this to your own size specifications and you won’t need as much soil to fill it as a large basket would require. I purchase a roll of chicken wire at Home Depot for around $8 and the mesh lining at JoAnn’s for $6 (don’t forget your coupon). You will need wire cutters, your wire, mesh lining, soil, spray paint (if you choose) and flowers! Roll out your wire to your desired length. Keep in mind that you will be folding up your four sides. Once you have your size determined cut one end of your excess wire. Starting at one end, fold your wire to your desired side. (I decided that about 8 square lengths (about 3-4 inches was as tall as I wanted). Do this to all 4 sides, overlapping at the corners. Once you come to cutting your corners fold them out making a triangle. Cut where the two corners originally meet and then tie them to make a corner with jute, ribbon, whatever you would like. Do this step to all 4 sides, forming into a square box. I spray painted mine with Krylon paint. Giving time to dry and then filling with my mesh. Add your soil and stunning flowers and there you have your very own planter made by YOU!!

Tea Pot Plant –

If your loving the trend this year of succulents plants, here’s a idea for you and super easy!!! I love the mix of soft and hard on this project. I purchased a tea pot at Tai Pan Trading for $5, yes $5 folks!! I had an old candle stick that fit the bottom of the tea pot perfectly. Using E600 glue I added to the top of the candlestick and attached the tea pot, giving it sufficient time (overnight preferably) to dry. I then added the dainty little succulent to the tea pot for a perfect planter.

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