Repurposed Art From Robert’s Craft

Repurposed Art From Robert’s Craft

Repurposed art is super hot right now. Taking what is old, and making it
something new gives you a chance to express your individual creativity.
Robert’s Craft offers all the little extras you need to help make it happen.

Brett Lund from Robert’s Craft took the challenge to transform trash into
treasure. His projects offer inspiration for your personal take on this topic.

Spray It

So many people are afraid of something so simple…spray paint.
Spray paint shouldn’t be something that you are afraid of. I always like to
keep a nice assortment of colors in either satin or gloss. Go outside the box
and get colors. Don’t stick with the neutrals, add some punch. Get bright red,
or a deep blue. What about yellow? You can use colors to add pop to any
I love to use spray paint on old frames. Thrift stores have so many
frames to pick from. Love the frame, hate the color? That’s where the fun
part comes in. Spray it with paint! Give life to a old frame. Another thing that
I love to spray is metal trays. I love the look of chalkboard paint on a metal
tray. Not sure about spraying your favorite metal tray? Use chalkboard vinyl.
That way, if you change your mind, pull off the vinyl, clean the tray and it’s
just like new.

Bind It

The Cinch machine from We R Memory Keepers is the perfect
machine for binding everything to your hearts content. I love how I can cut
apart games, and bind them into notebooks. You can bind almost everything.
In addition to that, there are a large amount of different coils, and sizes so
you can make the exact size.

Transform It

This is where the fun comes in. If you can get a hole in the item, you
can make a clock out of it. I love how also you can put a small clock
mechanism or a large clock mechanism. It just depends on what you are
looking for. Think outside the box when you want to make your clock.

Renew It

Vintage game pieces are perfect for making desk decorations, gifts,
or even jewelry. Again, most of my pieces came from thrift stores. The older
the games, the better the pieces that I could create with. Don’t feel afraid to
drill holes in them, paint them, or glue things on top of them. That’s when
the real fun comes in. When you can take an item and alter it into another
piece of art.

Hope that helps you create new projects with old items that were previously
going to make their way to the garbage can.

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