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You rest your body, now rest your soul. 5 strategies that will help you live life more fully

When you rest your soul, you’ll fell more grounded.

Many of us are constantly hustling, leaving our minds and bodies exhausted. According to therapist Tanisha Shedden, the remedy isn’t more sleep… it’s rest for our souls.

When your soul is nourished and well-rested, you’ll find yourself being more creative and intuitive. You’ll feel grounded and less anxious, allowing you to enjoy life more fully.


“Nourishing the soul is all about finding the thing that gives you meaning and purpose in life and making sure that it’s part of your life.,” Tanisha explained.

Mindful Time

“Mindful time is just the idea of savoring the little moments in your life,” Tanisha said. This could be enjoying your food, going for a walk, or simply being present in the moment.

Creative Expression

Engaging in creative activities is another way to rest your soul. Whether it’s cooking, baking, writing, drawing, or singing, the process of creating something new can be incredibly fulfilling.

Tanisha believes “creation is part of who we are as women and part of who we are as humans.” So, lean into your creative side.

Time in Nature

Spending time in nature, whether it’s going for a walk, enjoying the sun, or simply appreciating the beauty around you, can also be a great way to rest your soul.


To feel well-rested, Tanisha believes practicing self-compassion is crucial. She said it’s important to give ourselves grace and embrace our imperfections.

Meaningful Connections

Having meaningful connections and relationships that you can rely on is also an important part of resting your soul. Whether it’s during difficult times or when you just need a girls’ night out, these connections can provide the support and companionship you need.

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