Resurrect the Old to Create New Season Trends

Take an old pair of nylons, cut off the feet and use them as leggings. Pair jeans with a short dress for a whole new look. Wrap a necklace around your wrist for a chunky bracelet. Wear an old belt around your ribcage instead of your hips. There are a variety of easy
changes that can meet today’s new trends!


This is such a great look—very trendy and very do-able! It makes a dress a little more casual and gives a bohemian look; it completely changes how either the dress or jeans look alone. When you’re putting this outfit together, remember your jeans need to be tight and your skirt should be knee-length or shorter, otherwise there’s too much going on. This looks fabulous with jersey knit or cotton dresses, but avoid wearing dresses that are too formal in either style or fabric.
To complete this outfit pair it with ballet flats for a casual look or ultra-high heels for a sexier look. Pull out a long necklace and huge earrings, and you’re set. You have an outfit with tons of personality, ultra-comfortable and easy-to-wear.


Layering shirts is a great trick because it totally mixes up an outfit. It’s also the perfect way to get mileage out of what you have in your closet.
Put a tube top over a button up or a white button up under a graphic-T to create a whole new look. You can go totally casual, or work-appropriate. It completely changes how a top looks, just by using things you already have.

To complete this outfit pair your layered shirts with jeans, shorts or nicer pants for work. Big hoop earrings look awesome with both the casual and dressy versions of this outfit. For shoes, you can go with a sassy wedge or a casual pair of Vans…

Remember to avoid too much detail in the undershirt or over shirt unless you’re someone used to pulling off a funky style.


Cut off the feet of old tights to wear as leggings. The tights can be colored or patterned and you’ll want to cut them off so they hit approximately an inch below the knee. Leggings are great when paired with a short skirt and a baggy top. You can also dress them up with stilettos or down with flip-flops. Complete the outfit with an oversized bag and a belt at the ribcage.


Here are easy steps to using what you have to create new trends:

• Wrap a long necklace around your wrist for chunky bracelet. Great with pearls.

• Wrap a bandana or ribbon around your head like a headband.

• Pull an old belt around your ribcage instead of your hips. Totally changes how a shirt looks.

• Let’s get comfy with chunky heel platforms and wedges. No more super-spiky stilettos…which is great news for women because platforms and wedges are more comfortable and easier to walk in.

• Super size your bag. The bigger the better for your purse this season.

• Colored jeans are back. If you’ve held onto any white, black or pink jeans over the years…it’s time to pull them out again.

• Pull out the plastics. Everyone who lived through the 80s probably had a plethora of plastic jewelry. So, go down to the kids costume closet and pull it out again.

• Curly-heads, live it up! Many women with curly hair spend so much time, every day, straightening it out. Stop. Live it up. Make it big–it’s super easy to do. Simply brush it out and spray it.

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