How to Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Products

Licensed Cosmetologist Andrea Graf provides a few helpful tips to make your beauty products work better and last longer.



Only use a small amount of liquid cleanser apply to already wet surface and rub, then add a little more water and lather, repeating once or twice more and then rinse. You don’t want very much lather, the more lather the more it’s drying out your skin or hair.


Always apply right after cleansing, when your skin is still damp, the moisturizer will go a
lot farther and will work better too. Also your foundation and lipstick will go on better
and stay put longer with moisturizer/lip balm put on first.


With liquid foundation use your fingers to apply it; you should only need a dime size
spot, rub it on to the tips of your first three fingers and then dab it lightly on your face
and rub in. For an extra smooth finish use a dry makeup sponge afterward to lightly
smooth over and then clean the sponge.


Buy liners with a high wax content, generally the inexpensive liners you can find at the
store are best, they’ll last much longer and if you still have a problem with them wearing
off set them with a similar colored powder or with translucent powder.


You only need the amount of mascara that is on your wand the first time you pull it out,
putting it in the tube again either means that you’re only going to have a lot of leftover
mascara on the wand that is drying out or that you’re using WAY too much. NEVER
PUMP YOUR WAND!!! There is a valve at the top of the tube that helps control how
much product comes out on your wand so you really aren’t getting any more on it when
you pump it. Pumping your wand also introduces air into the mascara which encourages
bacterial growth and dries out your mascara and makes it clump.

Safety Recommendations: Eye infections are common and very painful; they can be avoided if you use these simple tips. 1) Sharpen your eye liner immediately after each time you use it. 2) Clean your makeup applicators at least once a week, everyday if you share them. 3) Never pump your mascara wand. If you do get an eye infection throw out your mascara and buy new one along with disposable mascara wands that you can get at the beauty supply store. Only put the disposable wand in once and never reuse it; do this until the infection goes away. This way you can avoid reintroducing the bacteria and prolonging the infection.

By, Andrea Graf

Licensed Cosmetologist

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