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Retro-kitchen Inspired Storage

It’s a throwback to all things cool…and a fun way to update your creative

Creating Keepsakes Creative Editor Megan Hoeppner shares some retro-
kitchen inspired storage solutions.

Hey all you cool cats and hot hipsters! It’s time to add a little retro flair to
your crafting space. Inspired by our The Amazing Space winner, Joy Sundloff,
we put together some eye-catching storage containers that come from the
kitchen. Add a little spice to your creative environment with these groovy

Paper Towel Decorative Tape Holder

Brawny is going to have to find a new place to hang. This diner-style paper
towel holder is reserved for decorative tape… or ribbon… or anything else
you have on a roll that you’d like to keep at your fingertips.

Towel holder source: Target

Creamer Container

Moooove over, cream. Bessy is here to hold those crafting tools you find
yourself reaching for time and time again.

Creamer source: Target

Egg Carton Catchall

Keep your smaller crafting accents (buttons, clothespins, twine, etc.) sorted
in style with a ceramic egg carton.

Egg carton source: Target

Milk Jar Brush Bottle

Store taller items such as paint brushes or markers in a retro (or retro-
inspired) milk jar. The cute design will look great in any space!

Milk jar source: Target

Yarn Colander

Keep your yarn from tangling in this cool colander container. Simply thread
the end of the yarn through a hole in the colander and pull out as much as
you need whenever you need it!

Colander source: Hobby Lobby

Berry Basket Color Caddy

Berry baskets are affordable and look as sweet sitting on your desk as the
berries they once held. Keep your favorite color mediums (spray ink, acrylic
paint, ink, etc.) close by in this one happy place.

Basket source:

Step Stool Storage

Have an old step stool? Give it new life as a shelf in your creative space. Use
it to hold larger or flatter items, such as fabric, die-cutting machines, and

Basket source: local consignment shops for vintage models; for a
vintage-inspired stool

For more storage ideas you can add to your crafty surroundings, check out
Creating Keepsakes’ special issue, Creative Spaces, on sale now.

And a great big congratulations to Joy Sundloff! Your space has been chosen
as our Amazing Space and will be featured in Creative Spaces Vol. 2, due out
in early 2013!

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