Get Gardening: Choosing the Perfect Pots

The perfect plants, start with the perfect pots!

Jo Hartmann, with Cactus and Tropicals, spells out what to look for in a good
gardening container.

Here is what to look for, when selecting a good garden container:

1. Drainage. This is the only must in outdoor pots. The reason is
young plants standing in water don’t make it, as people tend to over water.
This is built in safety and it is much easier to judge water needs.

2. Weight/Size. This is important because many pots are very
heavy when
empty and nearly impossible to move when full. So, if you plant a large
cement pot with an evergreen and color and then change your mind about
the location, moving it is tricky.

3. Location. Full sun, part sun or shade. You will want a bigger
pot if it
receives sun all day. , Pots need lots of water in Utah in the summer anyway
and a bigger pot stands a better chance in full sun. In shade or part sun,
pots can be a bit smaller.

4. Plant Material. You want to choose the correct pot for your
plant material. Location and size also play a role here. If you are wanting an
Evergreen and some color, the pot needs to be big enough to hold the root
ball with extra room for growth. Say you want to plant tuberous begonias for
a nice spot in the shade. You can use a smaller, shallower container.

5. Color. Most pots come in natural colors. Fiberglass is made to
look like
terra cotta, cement or stone. If you want bright colored pots, a good
choice is glazed ceramic. The sky is the limit in choice. Anything from
turquoise to red, blues and oranges and everything in between. Lots of sizes
are available.

6. Winter care. This can be tricky in Utah. It is best to empty your
containers and bring them under cover for the winter. Lots of people like to
have evergreens in pots outside all year. If that is the case, it is best to
elevate them off the ground. This is so that moisture isn’t wicking up into
your pot. You can also weather proof your cement. You can use Thompson’s
Water Seal, or any product that is meant for that purpose. Some of the UV
resistant Fiberglass and cement lines can be left out, but in this climate it is
not ideal. You will always have the chance of damage in any pot left outside.

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