Reverse Your Diabetes

Dr. Joshua Redd talks about ways to help people reverse diabetes using a new standard of medical care.

Conventional Model “Drug Therapy”
Typically a Diabetic will go to the Doctors office and the Doctor will run a few basic tests. Then, after looking at the lab results of those tests will explain that you are a Diabetic. The next thing he will do is put you on your first diabetic medication, then tell you to lose weight, diet, exercise, and eat right. That is pretty much the extent to which Diabetics are counseled in the beginning. This dangerous diagnosis sets the Diabetic on a slippery slope for more and more medication in the future. After following the Doctor’s instructions for three months, the patient returns for a follow up visit. The Doctor notes that the Diabetic’s blood sugars are not responding to the medication as designed and, therefore, the Doctor increases the Diabetics dosage on the first medication and then prescribes the second medication. Shortly thereafter, the Doctor will usually prescribe blood pressure medication and high cholesterol medication. The disappointing part regarding this type of diagnosis is that it results in many Type II Diabetics having to use insulin to control their blood sugars. They also start gaining more weight year after year. They see their energy levels decrease immensely. They see their health deteriorating and they eventually become fearful of the complications that this disease tends to create such as: Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Vision Problems, Limb Amputations, etc. They see themselves going the opposite direction of the health and wellness they so desperately desire.

How is our approach different and what type of results are we seeing?
When a Type II Diabetic comes into our office, we wipe away that label of the disease. Typically what happens under the typical Medical Model is you are diagnosed as having Type II Diabetes. Here’s the protocol, here’s the medications you need to be on. I could tell you what medications you are on right now without even meeting you. Why? Because the protocol is the same almost every time! We don’t care that the patients have high blood sugar levels. What we care about is what is actually causing the persons disease, resulting in those high blood sugar levels. There are most likely multiple things actually contributing to that persons disease. What we care about is what is not allowing the body to regulate the blood sugar levels properly. We do is extensive breakthrough medical testing and analysis to figure out why you have this disease and then we customize a treatment plan designed specifically for you. So when someone walks into our office for treatment we have no idea what we are going to diagnose with that particular person as it depends on the results of the medical testing we will perform at that time. We don’t know what their diet or their therapy is going to consist of until we do our thorough testing and figure out the mechanism of their disease – the actual underlying causes.

A program based on individual needs
In the most commonly used Medical Model, Diabetics are all grouped together. Doctors put the label of Diabetes on them and then prescribe to them almost the exact same medications. If you have the same treatment plan, then you tend to get the same results. That is why Type II Diabetics typically get worse over time and not better. In our office, we customize a treatment plan for each individual’s specific needs. That’s when the miracles happen. We are able to go in and figure out the root cause, by looking at the physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances for each individual. We then work to correct those imbalances and that’s when the disease can be reversed. That’s when your body can start to regulate your blood sugar levels naturally on its own again.

We are really looking for the cause of why people have Diabetes. When you do thorough testing and you look at these people as an individual, then you can customize a specific treatment plan for each person.

Our patients reduce and even eliminate their needs for medications across the board. Not just diabetic medications but also their high cholesterol and high blood pressure medications. They are finally able to lose weight. They are able to get off their insulin completely. Their blood sugars are more stable off of their medications then they were on their medications. Many of our patients become “Non-Diabetic.” Their blood sugar levels and A1C levels are within normal range.

I talk to a lot of Diabetics and when I start telling them the typical results we get in our office they think I’m crazy. We have the luxury of going into our practice and being able to tell our patients with integrity that this is what we experience in our office each and every day.

It really is possible to reverse your diabetes. We see it in our office every day and we do it all day long. When you are really looking for the cause of why people have diabetes and not the quick answers of “oh it’s genetic” or “maybe your pancreas isn’t working,” but truly the underlying causes of why they have Diabetes, that’s when we are able to reverse their disease.

Get Started
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The first step is to set up a FREE consultation with me, Dr. Joshua J. Redd. D.C. We will discuss your problems and answer ALL of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

You will need to complete a Type II Diabetes Qualification Case History and Questionnaire. This report will help me quickly determine whether or not I can help you.

Bring all your medical records. I will go over them in detail to make sure nothing has been missed. I can’t tell you how many times I have found something that has been overlooked that could completely change your prognosis.

My Promise…

“You will be satisfied with the care you receive at my office …”

I cannot guarantee results. But I can guarantee your satisfaction. If you qualify for care and in the first 30 days of treatment you are not happy for any reason, and I mean ANY REASON, you get ALL your money back… no questions asked! All you have to do is tell me, in writing, that you are not satisfied within the first 30 days. (This does not include any outside laboratory expenses.) I dare you to find any other doctor that is willing to match this offer.

I believe in paying for results not just for someone’s time. I am very confident in what I do. I know how frustrated it can be to pay for something and not get results. I will not allow this to happen. I have too much passion for what I do and I truly care about each of my patients.

You can ask any patient who has ever worked with me. I am a Doctor who cares about you and how this disease is negatively impacting your life. I am a Doctor who will spend the time to listen to all of your concerns and really be thorough in my diagnosis and treatment. I am a Doctor who will put it all together for you and take all the guesswork out of your treatment. I spend countless hours researching the latest and greatest in the treatment of Type II Diabetes, rather than taking treatment advice from a pharmaceutical sales representative and then just pushing their drugs on you. I take the time to listen and search to uncover the underlying causes of your disease.

“Following is an experience I have had regarding my diabetes. When I turned on my television one evening, a few months ago, there was a commercial being done by a Dr. who claimed he could cure diabetes or severely reduce its effects. The next day I called the number given and had a delightful experience talking with Dr. Joshua Redd. While I am normally skeptical of these types of things, I was impressed with him and made an appointment to go to the clinic and discuss my situation with him.

I have had diabetes now for about eight years. For the last five years I have been taking 70 units of Lantus per day, but my blood sugar still remained in the upper 200’s. My legs and feet grew numb and my thighs became extremely weak. I gradually came to the point where I could hardly walk. This has been increasingly disconcerting to me. Particularly since my favorite activity most of my life, has been to hike in the mountains, sometimes three times a week. On our first meeting, Dr. Redd promised me that he would soon have me hiking in the mountains again and that I would probably be completely off insulin in a few months. Naturally, he made it clear to me that each person is different and therefore there were no guarantees. But, he had had enough good experiences with many people that he was sure he could help me. I became increasingly convinced, as I visited with him, that he would be able to help me also, so I signed up for his program on August 24, 2010. The results I have had since beginning to work with him are nothing short of a miracle and are as follows:

Insulin: Reduced from 70 units of Lantus daily down to 25 units.
Blood Sugar: Reduced from a “normal” of around 275 down to 104-120.
Weight: 198 down to 190.

Elliptical: A maximum of 30 seconds increased to 5 minutes.
Treadmill: A maximum of 2 minutes increased to 10 minutes.
Hiking: With great effort, and the use of a cane, I was sometimes able to walk around two blocks in my neighborhood. I have since been on two hikes in the mountain’s, each well over a mile!
Numbness: I have a hose extension in my shower and begin by spraying my feet with extremely hot water. Yesterday, for the first time in over five years, I could feel the heat of the water burning my feet.

1. My wife has had to help me stand by pulling me up out of a chair. I can get up and out on my own just fine now.
2. I have had insufficient strength in my left hand to hold a pair of fingernail clippers to cut the fingernails on my right hand. Yesterday, I easily trimmed my right hand fingernails with my left hand.
3. My left hand has been too weak to hold, and spray, a can of deodorant under my right arm. Not anymore!
4. I have been unable to walk up and down stairs without holding on to the railing and dragging myself up, laboriously, one step at a time. Just a few days prior to meeting with and beginning Dr. Redd’s program I had my carpenter son build an additional railing going out into the garage and down the five stairs, which I needed to hold onto as I went down or drag myself up with. I don’t even need to touch the railing any longer. I can even walk up the stairs, carrying sacks of groceries, an impossible task for over five years.
5. Buttons: It has been impossible for me to button my right sleeve with my left hand, and extremely difficult to button the front buttons on my shirt with both hands. Now, I do it with ease.
6. Pants: Putting my Pants on has been very difficult, to say the least. I could hardly lift my left leg. Not anymore. And, by the way, my waist size has been 42. I just bought three new pairs of pants, size 38, which fit very nicely.
7. Pain: Since an operation I had five years ago, I have had extreme, constant pain in my left thigh. Dr. Redd has, with a machine, massaged and “worked” that area until the level of pain has gone from a 10 to below a 1!
8. Walking: As I previously mentioned, I could only walk, with great difficulty and oft times using a cane, especially on uneven ground. I tended to “drag” my left leg which caused me to stumble, even while walking on the kitchen floor. I was also very slow walking. Now I can walk as fast, and even faster, than my wife and many other people, without stumbling.
9. Camping: Our family loves to picnic up our favorite canyon. It was impossible for me to negotiate my way around the camp site without the use of a cane. After only a couple of months on the program, a cane was no longer necessary.
10. Vision: My vision has improved dramatically. I can watch TV or go to the movies and see the show without glasses, whereas, previously, the picture was blurry without glasses.
11. A1C: After two months on Dr. Redd’s diet and program my A1C dropped from 9.1 to 7.1 and I suspect it is even lower than that now.
12. Blood sugar: my blood sugar now is normally between 104 and 120. However, before I realized the powerful effect Dr. Redd’s program was having on me, I still took 70 units of insulin daily. Within two or three days I woke up in the middle of the night and knew I was in trouble. I quickly checked, and my blood sugar level was 51! It dropped into the fifties and sixties four times before I was able to regulate the amount of the insulin I was taking downward, sufficient to keep my blood sugar level normal.

Needless to say, I am anxious to see what additional, positive results I will receive over time, while working with Dr. Redd. I certify that what I have here detailed is 100% true and accurate, and I have my wife, my children, and many friends that can verify the truth of this statement. I have truly experienced a miracle in my life. Thank you Dr. Joshua Redd. I highly recommend Dr. Redd’s diabetic treatment program to anyone.”

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