Road Trip Question Cube

Kelly White with Heartland Paper Co. explains how to make a Road Trip Question Cube.

• Three 1 ¼” wood cubes (available at hardware store)

• Photos of family faces, cut to 1 ¼”(you can put up to six photos on the cube, or if you don’t have six family members, you can add choose your own person squares)

• Question and Point Printout, printed on cardstock

• Patterned Paper (to decorate cubes if desired)

• Circle Punch (if you want to cut out points and questions in the shape of circles and mount them on patterned paper)

• Zip Dry Paper Glue (or other strong adhesive)

• Sand Paper

• Brown Inkpad for distressing cubes as desired


1. Cut out printed questions and points. (If you are using patterned paper to decorate your cubes, cut points and questions out using a small circle punch that will fit on the cube)

2. Glue family pictures and extra passenger squares to all sides of one cube until it is filled.

3. If you are using patterned paper, glue paper down to all sides of remaining two cubes. If you are just using plain paper, skip to step four.

4. Glue points circles or squares to all sides of one cube.

5. Glue question circles or squares to all sides of last remaining cube.

6. Using sandpaper, sand edges of all three cubes, leaving raw wood exposed.

7. Using brown inkpad, rub exposed edges of cube, creating a distressed look.

8. Play with family and friends on road trips.

Game Directions:

Take turns rolling the die. The individual whose picture appears must answer the question that is presented. The roller determines if they answered the question to their liking – if so, full points are awarded.

To get game cube questions
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