Road Trip Tin


• Lunch Box Tin $4.99

• Vinyl or Sticker Lettering for title $1.99 and up

• Ribbon for Handle $0.20- $1.00 per yard

• Round Magnets for holding down cards and playing tic-tac-toe

• Magnet Strips for playing magnetic poetry and spelling words

• Decorative paper and stickers for cards and tin

• Cardstock cut to 4.5X6.5 for game bases

• Printed games- available on website or through kit.

• Metal piece for storing magnets.

• Dry Erase Marker

Additional Tools:

• Paper Trimmer

• Adhesive

• Lamination

• Scissors


1. Decorate outside of tin as desired with paper, stickers and lettering.

2. Tie Ribbons to tin handle.

3. Mount printed games on cardstock using patterned paper and stickers for decoration on each card.

4. Decorate magnets as desired. Cut Magnetic Poetry printed sheet into strips and adhere to strip magnets.

5. Laminate cards using heavy laminate.

6. Store magnets in tin, on metal sheet along with game cards.

7. Play games on the back side of tin, using magnets to hold down.

8. Use dry erase marker on games.

Project Designed by: Mandi Coombs

Click on the images below to download game and content ideas:

Or visit Heartland Paper Company to purchase a complete kit.

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