Robert’s Crafts Roly Rose Trees

Brett Lund from Robert’s Crafts show off the Roly Rose Tree.

• Roly Rosies
• Petal Roller tool
• Hot glue gun
• Styrofoam cones
• Ribbon
• Paper mache star
• Yellow paint

1. Insert the end of the paper spiral into the prongs of the Petal Roller tool. Make sure the prongs are on the inside edge of the spiral as you roll. Twist the petal roller to roll the paper spiral into a flower. Keep twisting the tool until you reach the round center of the spiral.

2. Release the tool and shape the rolled spiral into a flower. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the rolled flower to the center of the spiral.

3. Roll the petal edges using the Peal Roller tool to shape the flowers as directed.

4. Once all the flowers are rolled and glued, attach the roses to the cone starting at the top and then moving downward.

5. Paint the star yellow.

6. Stick the star in the top of the cone.

7. Once the cone is completely filled with the roses, take ribbon and start at the top and glue it in the holes of the tree.

8. Keep adding ribbon until it looks like you want it.

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