Rock The Colored Jean Trend

Colored pants continue to be a huge trend this spring! The bright denim is
flattering and easy to pair with neutrals, florals, and even tribal prints.

Chelsea Sloan from Uptown Cheapskate shares the most flattering ways to
rock the colored jean trend.

Are you trying to build a great wardrobe, but have a limited budget? Are you
looking for a way to make a little extra money? Uptown Cheapskate is a
store that will buy and sell new and gently used designer and high-end
merchandise for teens and young men and women.

At Uptown Cheapskate you can receive up to 70 percent discount off of
designer merchandise. This includes shoes handbags, jewelry, clothing
(including a large selection of designer and high-end jeans) and hats. The
clothing in the store is mainly for fashion lovers from 16 to 24. Although
Uptown Cheapskate caters to both men and women, the women’s selection is
somewhat larger than the men’s.

“Uptown Cheapskate is an entirely new type of store. Unlike many second-
hand stores, our store is organized according to style, color and function,
making it easy to find the clothes that best match your style,” said Uptown
Cheapskate Representative, Chelsea Sloan.

Sloan added, “Plus, Uptown Cheapskate provides fashion-minded individuals
with the opportunity to make money or basically trade in their clothes for
different styles. If the store accepts your merchandise you can either trade in
your clothes for cash or in-store credit. If you choose to take the cash, you
will receive 30 to 40 percent of what Uptown Cheapskate will sell the items
for in the store. For example, if the store is selling a shirt for $5 you will get
about $2 for your shirt. But if you choose store credit you will receive 25
percent more than what the store would give you for cash.”

Sloan noted that Uptown Cheapskate’s inventory is trendy, up-to-date and
only slightly used. Uptown Cheapskate is very selective about the brands and
styles it carries. The store will not accept clothes with holes, rips, rings
around the collar, sweat stains, peeling fabrics or loose stitching. It will also
not accept clothes that are out of style.

Recently, Uptown Cheapskate’s inventory has included such brands as
Abercrombie, G-Star Jeans, Juicy Couture, Diesel, True Religion, Michael Kors,
Fendi and Dooney & Bourke.

Phone: (801)931-3388
Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Locations: 353 West 200 South, Salt Lake City
460 West 500 South, Bountiful

For more information, visit

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