Rocky Mountain Power: “Blue Sky” Your Green Energy Option

Their Blue Sky program gives you the option to support renewable energy in addition to the renewable energy included in our diverse mix of resources used to generate electricity for all our customers.

Jeff Hymas with Rocky Mountain Power is a guest on Studio 5.

By signing up for Blue Sky you’ll be supporting the development of electricity generated from renewable resources in the region and will be helping to fund small-scale, community-based renewable energy projects within Rocky Mountain Power’s service area.

Here are answers to a few common questions about the program. Additional information is available on Rocky Mountain Power’s Web site.

What is Blue Sky and how much does it cost?

Blue Sky represents a set amount of renewable energy generated at facilities in the Western region. It is sold in 100-kilowatt-hour increments, called blocks, for $1.95 per block in addition to your regular monthly electricity bill. Charges for Blue Sky blocks remain constant each month and do not fluctuate with your electricity usage.

Each Blue Sky block represents about 13 percent of the average residential customer’s monthly electricity usage (based on 791 kilowatt-hours per month). Since Blue Sky is sold in increments, you can choose to purchase an amount that is equivalent to a portion or all of the electricity you use each month. Blue Sky is available for both residential and business customers. Businesses can save on bulk purchases through the Blue Sky Quantity Savings option.

What does Blue Sky support?

When you enroll, we match your Blue Sky purchase with renewable energy certificates from newly developed wind-powered generation facilities in the region. While the renewable energy you support through Blue Sky isn’t coming directly to your home or business, we guarantee it is being added to the regional electric system and creating measurable environmental benefits.

Blue Sky dollars also cover program costs and help fund the development of small-scale, community-based renewable energy projects. Examples include solar panel installations at Salt Lake Community College, Clark Planetarium, Weber School District’s Swanson Environmental Center, Park City Historical Society & Museum and Southern Utah University. Rocky Mountain Power does not profit from offering Blue Sky to customers.

Why should you choose Blue Sky renewable energy?

One of the simplest ways you can reduce your impact on the environment is by supporting renewable energy – power generated from sustainable and emission-free energy sources like the wind and sun.

When you participate in the Blue Sky program you’re helping to:

* Support diverse, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources.

* Support cleaner air.

* Encourage the development of local and regional renewable energy projects.

* Create jobs in areas with renewable energy projects.

More than 70,000 customers in the company’s six-state service area participate in the Blue Sky program. Blue Sky is Green-e Energy certified by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions, verifying that 100 percent of the renewable energy certificates purchased through the program come from new renewable energy resources in the western United States.

Visit the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky booth at the Utah Green Festival September 12th from 9 – 5 at the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District to get more information and enroll. You can also sign up online at or over the phone at 1-800-769-3717. It takes only a few minutes. You can make a difference for as little as $1.95 more per month.

For more information, or to sign up, visit or call 1-800-769-3717.

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