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A rotating s’more stick?! These 5 tools will amp up your backyard fire pit

If you want to take your fire pit game to the next level, you need these five cool tools!

Building a fire in the backyard might be the best way to spend a summer night. Roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, having good conversation, what’s not to love? Make this summer staple activity even better with a few tricky products.

Liana Tan shares five products that all backyard fire connoisseurs should add to their collection. We can guarantee you’ll want to hit “add to cart” on at least one of these finds.



All You Need For A Fabulous Fire Pit

By Liana Cannon

You don’t usually hear the words “summer nights” and “quarantine” together in a sentence… but this year is going to be different. We’re making the sentence look like this, though, “Summer nights in quarantine are about to be your favorite memories.” One of America’s favorite summer past times is camping, but with some limitations still in play this year, here’s how to scratch that outdoor itch right on your own patio – five things to make your fire pit the new favorite hub.


Magical Flames, $9.95

Give a mystical flare to your evening by tossing a pouch of these little chemical pellets into your fire pit and dazzle your neighborhood! They turn regular flames into a colorful blaze to add a little party décor to your backyard get-together with no prep or cleaning.


S’more to Love Roastin’ Reel, $8.95

I love the taste of s’mores, but I have no patience for them! I married into a family that is very particular about the art of roasting marshmallows and getting them evenly golden. Well, now I can finally be up to par with them! This little roasting stick is great for kids or adults. It’s got a telescopic fork that you can extend over the fire after you’ve stuck your mallow or weenie on it. Just crank the handle to evenly toast your goodies and then pop off the fork to stick in the dishwasher when you’re all done.


S’mores Caddy, $39.99

Speaking of s’mores, this simple gadget will make your fire pit experience a little more convenient. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone to make s’mores only to find we don’t have all the elements- marshmallows are hard, forgot the chocolate, broke the graham crackers, don’t have enough roasting sticks… I’m sure you can relate. Here’s a caddy box that keeps everything in one place and protects your food from getting hard, stale, or melted. There are two cantilever trays with specific compartments to put your treats and even a spot to store your telescopic roasting sticks!


Lodge Fire and Cook Stand, $28.92

Turn your fire pit into a kitchen! When we saw this treasure, we had to snap it up from the shelves. We are big into Dutch oven cooking at my house and this tool saves us time and energy. Now, instead of having to make the fire and wait for the briquettes to heat on the side, we can stick this stand in the fire and cook directly on it! Plus, the food cooks much faster with the direct heat and you can flip it vertically or horizontally depending on the size of your pot or pan. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, you can actually use the stand to start your fire as well! The rings in the center hold kindling and the specifically engineered shape creates great airflow to build your bonfire.


Pop-Up Pit, $59.95

If you really are aching to get past your back porch, or maybe you don’t even have a patio, here’s a great solution. This is a lightweight fire pit that you can pop up pretty much anywhere in just 30 seconds like a small camp chair! It can hold a large amount of weight and cools down in 60 seconds for you to pack up when the fire dies.

Now you can have a vibrant, mystical bonfire with some good food to boot! These fire pit accessories will have you never wanting to leave your backyard and next year, you’ll be yearning for those summer nights in quarantine again!

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