Safety Tips For Deep Fried Turkey

1. Heat Oil to 350 – 375 degrees for about 1 hour

2. Cook in a safe location

Select an area that is far away from flammable materials. Do not deep fry on the deck or near the house. Never attempt to deep fry indoors.
3. Never tip or spill

-Use enough oil to cover bird
-Keep children and pets away from the fryer.
-Allow cooking oil to cool for three hours before handing.
4. Avoid instant fire with the "Safety Zone”

– Never leave your fryer unattended. If the oil reaches its flash-point temperature, instant combustion may occur. Do not try to extinguish a grease fire with water, which will only spread the oil and fire.
– Maintain oil in the “Safety Zone” between 350 and 375 degrees. Different oils have different flash points.
5. Prevent Sickness

– Check meat in breast and legs with thermometer. Turkery must cook to 170 degrees to be considered done. Undercooked meat may result in illness.
6. Cook 3 to 5 minutes per pound

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