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Sagging earlobes? 5 fixes to try, and when to go to surgery

If sagging earlobes are causing you grief, try one of these fixes.

We’re diving into a topic that often goes unspoken, but affects many women: sagging ear lobes. As we age, our cartilage continues to grow, and unfortunately, gravity isn’t our best friend. So, what can we do about those drooping lobes?

For extreme cases, surgery becomes the go-to solution. Dr. AJ Stosich, a cosmetic facial surgery specialist, shares what the surgical procedure entails, and who is a good candidate.


The common problem women face is sagging earlobes from heavy earrings or gauges. This happens with overuse of those heavy earrings, or from trauma, like getting them snagged on things. The constant stretching leads to scar tissue, which hinders natural healing. Once the holes stretches, it won’t improve on its own.

1. Support Stickers

One nifty trick is using support stickers. This discreet option attaches behind your earlobe. When you wear earrings, the post punctures through the sticker, providing support and preventing those stretched-out piercings from sagging further. You can find these gems easily on Amazon.

2. Repiercing Strategically

If your old piercing has migrated too far south, consider re-piercing your ears slightly higher, or even to the side of the stretched-out hole. While the original piercing might not grow back if it’s older than six months, the new one will be inconspicuous.

3. Kids’ Piercings

Since ears continue to grow into adulthood, make sure kids’ piercings are centered in the lobe area or even placed slightly higher. This way, as they grow, the piercings won’t end up too low.

4. Surgical Options

When it comes to surgery, it’s really personal preference depending on if you want to change the look of your lobe. Some of these surgeries are simple, and some take a little more to fix.

5. Prevention Practices

  • Avoid Trauma: Be gentle with your ears.
  • Skip Heavy Earrings: Opt for lighter options.
  • Say No to Gauges: They can cause irreversible stretching.

Remember, while we love our statement earrings, taking care of our earlobes matters too.

If you need professional help, reach out to Dr. Stosich and his team at Aspire Surgical.

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