Salon Etiquette

A visit to the hair chair is a welcome escape for any woman. But what
should you know before you go?

Stylist and Owner of Shep Studio, Shep Woolsey, breaks down the modern
rules of salon etiquette.

Show up to your appointment.
Give at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or change your
appointment) Most stylists only book one guest at a time so if you don’t
show up or cancel without ample notice we are left without pay for that
block of time sometimes up to 3 hours for a haircut or color service.

Arrive to your scheduled appointment on time.
Even better? Arrive a few minutes early!

Make arrangement for your children before your appointment.

Salons are not safe environments for small children, and kids can be a
distraction for stylists and clients.

If you need moral support, bring a friend. Not an entourage!

Salon space is limited and it is distracting to have people standing around
you giving input when you are trying to do your best work.

Come with your hair styled.
If you are a new guest to the salon, or having challenges with your current
hair style, come with your hair styled the way that you do it. This way, your
stylist can assess the current state and make a plan to improve it.

Don’t show up to your color appointment with wet hair.
It could take up to 20-25 minutes to dry your hair, and it cuts into the
scheduled time. Don’t come in for a bang trim with your bangs pinned up.


We are in the service industry, and appreciate gratuities based on our
performance. If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the service then
don’t tip. General tipping guidelines are similar to servers at restaurants

Keep use of cellphones, laptops and craft projects to a minimum.

If a guest is too fidgety it makes our job difficult.

Keep your language and conversation appropriate.

We work in very close quarters and it can be very uncomfortable if your
guest is divulging all the dirty details sometimes at a volume that half the
salon can hear (stylists need to abide by the same general rule!).

Don’t try to haggle your stylist on the price of the service.

Most salons have pretty exact prices that are set according to the time that
the service will take and the materials that will be used to perform the
service to your liking.

To schedule an appointment, contact:
Shep Studio
890 North 500
West Provo, Utah 84604
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