A little boy, 4 years old, eating a hotdog at a picnic. His mouth is full as he takes a bite. He is wearing a gray shirt with blue sleeves. Standing behind him are other children eating hotdogs.

Sam Beeson’s National Hot Dog Day Bash

We have the Fourth of July, and the 24th of July, but in between there’s a little known holiday that is worth noting. It’s National Hot Dog Day!

We took a look around our friend Sam Beeson’s Hot Dog Day Bash.


  • We love the Beeson’s! This annual Hot Dog Bash is a highlight for all the neighborhood. We gather and visit! We laugh and love!
    This year was special to help raise a few dollars for a dear neighbor’s Family.
    Who knew celebrating national hot dog day could be so much fun!!!

  • I’m planing activities for my family next year and was wanting to know when it will be held and where for 2020?