Sausage Soup

2 links Italian sausage (about 6-8 oz.)
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
2 medium potatoes
6 cups chicken broth
salt and pepper to taste
10 ounces spinach (fresh or frozen)
shredded Parmesan cheese

Remove casing from sausage and scramble fry until cooked through. Break pieces of sausage up as it cooks. Drain off excess fat. Add minced garlic. Peel and dice potato, add. Add chicken broth, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer until potatoes are tender. Salt and pepper to taste.

Wash spinach well and chop; or use a thawed 10 oz. package of frozen spinach. Add spinach to soup and continue to simmer until spinach is cooked.

Serve topped with shredded Parmesan cheese and crusty cheese toast. Recipe serves 4-6.

Crusty Cheese Toast:

Slice crusty French bread into 1 inch thick slices. Spread softened butter on one side of bread slice. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder. Sprinkle with shredded Mozzarella cheese. Place on baking sheet and bake at 425 F until cheese is melted and toast is beginning to brown.

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