Save Money on Mortgage Insurance Premiums

In April, mortgage insurance premiums will be going up. Many homeowners
are scrambling to close on homes before that happens so they can save

Brett Mills of Academy Mortgage has more training and certification that any
other mortgage officer in the western states and he explains how to act now
to save money.

Mortgage Insurance goes up April 9th – many savvy home buyers are
to have their new home mortgage completed before then.

That will cost clients thousands more over the life of the loan. It’s imperative
to complete your purchase agreement or property address prior to April 8th
so your Mortgage Expert can lock in the current mortgage insurance

With new federal guidelines and requirements it’s not impossible to get a
good mortgage . . . if you work with an expert.

I currently manage a branch for Academy Mortgage Corporation and I am an
active mortgage originating loan officer as well. I have been recognized
among the top 14 loan officers in the nation for the past several years. I have
a passion for helping consumers achieve their financial goals and obtain
financial peace. In addition I love coaching other mortgage loan officers who
work with me in successful origination practices. I am actively seeking and
looking for seasoned and qualified loan officers to hire. 

also own and
manage several other commercial real estate companies. I specialize in
providing Executive Office Space for my tenants that is all inclusive of
furnishings, data and voice services, conference rooms, copy/scan/fax
solutions, etc… at a very competitive cost to help small businesses succeed.

currently serve as an Honorary Commander to the 388th Fighter Wing
Maintenance Group to the United States Air Force. I am grateful for this
experience to interact with and serve the members of our Armed Forces.

For more information, you can contact Brett at

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