toilet paper rolls

Save your trash! Use toilet paper rolls to make these 6 cute crafts

You’re going to want to save your toilet paper rolls for these projects.

A stand-up happy birthday sign, 3-D gift toppers, a charming baby mobile – every one of these darling paper crafts was created with…garbage. Your toilet paper hoarding habits of 2020 are about to pay off, that is if you save the toilet paper tubes!

Jodi Levine shares a bunch of colorful projects that she says will boost your creative thinking skills, too. Jodi says women overuse the craft kits, and should reach for recycled supplies instead. Not only are they free and plentiful, but using blank canvas materials like tubes and boxes (as opposed to craft kits with prescribed outcomes) sharpens our eyes and flexes our creative muscles, helping us look at the world differently and improve problem-solving.

Get more recycled craft ideas on Instagram, @supermakeit, or download Jodi’s eBook here.

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