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Serve up a Cinco de Mayo feast on beautiful Spanish tiles! Here’s how to make them…

These authentic looking Spanish tiles couldn’t be easier to put together.

If you’ve thought about celebrating Cinco-De-Mayo this year, or even if you just want an excuse to serve some yummy Mexican cuisine. you should definitely make these colorful Spanish tiles to display your food. These festive stands add both function and fun to any fiesta you’re planning this Spring.

Party planner Risa Baker shares her tricks. She wanted to serve food on Spanish tiles, but they are small and very expensive. She wanted something bigger than traditional Spanish tiles so she came up with a solution! These tiles look painted, but they are just printed on 12×18 paper!

Find more ideas from Risa on Instagram, @restlessrisa_risabaker.


Make Your Own Spanish Tiles


  • 12×12 tiles. I got mine from Lowes for $.57 each.
  • White paint
  • Mod podge
  • Carved wooden legs from Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue


  1. Print tiles and cut out
  2. Paint around the edge of the tiles if you need it or want to. I needed to on a couple, as the top of the tile showed
  3. Mod podge the tile and lay the paper tile on top. Smooth to get bubbles out
  4. Hot glue the legs to the bottom

Risa suggests displaying the tiles at different heights; some on stands, and some with just the paper tile mod podge to a ceramic tile (no legs), and then just some sheets of paper, laying on the table.

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  • My printer doesn’t print 12×12″. How do you print the tile papers? Do you go to a printer place or on the cricut? Love the idea.