Saving Big at the Grocery Store

Professional Organizer Marie Ricks has solutions for helping you save money at the grocery store.

1) Shop with a printed Master Grocery List in hand and stick to it.

This is prepared by inventorying your pantry, cupboards,
refrigerator, and freezer.


2) Use a Best Price Box to keep track of good prices for purchases
which are made again and again. Also use it to pre-shop for new

Click Here for BEST PRICE CHART.

3) Take advantage of sales, discounts, and closeouts using Best Price
Box, internet comparison shopping, and local printed ads.

4) Note possible “future” purchases as you shop but don’t buy yet.
(In other words, learn to hold off what you want but don’t yet need
until you get the best price. Then purchase in bulk.)

5) Buy by the year to save time, trouble, and transportation costs.

6) Date stamp items and store in convenient storage areas. Have your
grocery store at home whenever possible!

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