Saving Cash After The Holidays: The 3-3-2 Rule

Melea Johnson from shares secrets to getting great deals on after Holiday sale items.

The days following a holiday are the perfect time to cash in on some great deals. There is a basic rule called the 3-3-2 rule. This rule is a bargain shopper’s dream come true. It makes it simple to remember when most stores will mark down holiday merchandise. Here’s how it works: The first 3 days after a Holiday, mechandise is typically marked 50% off. Then, the next 3 days the savings jump to 75% off; after that, the last 2 days retailers are generally looking to clear their shelves and so they offer a whopping 90% off.

Shopping clearance can be a great way to save money. But frequently retailers will also offer printable coupons that enable you to save even more cash. Imagine getting many of your clearance items for free! Using coupons to help save you money shouldn’t be overwhelming. And, you don’t have to have a subscription to the Sunday paper to get some of the most amazing deals out there. Many companies are turning to printable coupons you can find online. There are websites that help you navigate where to find these coupons.

One of these sites is called This website tells you where to go, what to buy and even gives you direct links to printable coupons you can use. also tells you when there are free samples available.

For more information on money-saving shopping techniques go to

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